Don’t Bite the Apple.

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It’s time again for more tales of the disturbing. This week, we have a young man from Tennessee, who is taking Apple to Federal Court. When you’re a huge, (relatively) rich multinational corporation, you should expect lawsuits from time-to-time; it’s all part of the process.
However, this lawsuit is a bit different. It would appear the Plaintiff is suing Apple because he bought a laptop computer. One day, whilst using his new toy, he went to log onto his Facebook account. Rather than google the name or accessing the program from a desktop icon, he thought he typed “Facebook” into the search engine. Rather, he typed in another name – allegedly by mistake – that rhymes with “Stuckbook.”Once at the new (wrong) site, the plaintiff’s mind was opened in heretofore unexplored regions of his mind, society and culture.
It was at that moment, the plaintiff discovered pornography.
And, at that moment, his life was ruined.
For you see, he was lured into a world where young, beautiful people perform all manner of sexually provocative acts. This world was addictive. As a result, his life became inconsequential. His spouse, who hasn’t looked like a 21-year old, well, since she was 21, held no more interest for him. In short, he stopped doing anything that didn’t include on-line porn, and his life and marriage atrophied and died on the vine.
So he sued Apple.
Apple, in his words, should have included some sort of filter that prohibited sexually explicit websites from reaching his computer. If he desired to look at these craven images, he should have been able to call up Apple, tell them that YES he wanted access to adult sites, he could sign a waiver, and full functionality would be allowed. Because this didn’t happen, he’s suing Apple for Fifty Million dollars.
This lawsuit, which you should really read – it is a HOWl, is, on its face, completely frivolous. As an adult, you have to make hundreds of decisions per day – should I get cream with my coffee, should I take another route to work, should I finish that project or look at a bunch of nudie pics on the internet. It is up to all of us to make the most responsible choice a majority of the time. After all, most of us have jobs, bills to pay, food to put on the table and people with whom we need to spend time. It is not up to major corporations like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Wal-Mart and General Electric (to name a few) either to make these choices for us, or to provide technology that prevents us from acting on our baser instincts.
I understand that people can become addicted to the lure of easy sexual fantasies to the dereliction of every other aspect of one’s life. But if you are addicted, you need to get help, not to sue the companies that produce it or provide it.
With so many people relying on the government for food, clothing, shelter and walking around money, it’s alarming to see people like this Plaintiff, look toward corporate entities to exert more control over his life. In essence, the lawsuit tells America’s businesses that it’s not enough to create products, provide jobs and contribute to society; business also have to be held responsible for not only ensuring that their products are used correctly, but also that their products, once in the hands of the consumer, will not cause the consumer any harm if used inappropriately. This is too much to ask of a company. Soon, any type of innovation will be paralyzed, as engineers, lawyers and marketers take years to determine how every single product could have a negative impact on someone’s life if used the right way, and any possible repercussions if the product is used the wrong way.
The bottom line in this whole, sordid affair is that lawsuits like these have a negative impact on the consumer. Hopefully, this lawsuit will be thrown out, as it ought to be. But more and more suits like these are popping up and with that, we’re all going to lose.


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