Life Through My Lens: Local Color — Get it Soon!

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Photographers and artists alike seek out the beauty of Claude Monet’s water lily pond in Giverny, the lavender fields of Provence, and the famous sunflower fields of Kansas.  But you can find those same stunning displays right here in Maryland, without the need to pack your bags.  Unless, of course, it is your camera bag.

PWFav_0044If you’re seeking water lilies and lotus, they are in full bloom right now at Lily Pons near Adamstown.  Pink and yellow lotus ponds feature the plants with their tall stalks and distinctive leaves and seed pods.  Water lilies and water hyacinths are clustered in other ponds.  Lily Pons is open 10-5 daily.  Photographers and artists are welcome on the property.

Springfield Manor on Auburn Road, south of Thurmont, can be seen from Rt. 15 as you head north.  Its beautifully restored yellow bank barn with a red roof houses the distillery and tasting room for the wines produced on the property.  Rows of purple and white lavender contrast beautifully with the yellow barn and red umbrellas on the outside terrace.  Springfield Manor is open 12-6 Wednesday through Sunday.  They welcome photographers to the property if you are willing to share your photos with them afterwards.

PWFav_0039Acres of sunflowers are in bloom at the McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area.  Put on your old sneakers and drive south to Poolesville, MD.  Take the back roads and enjoy the scenery, but watch out for speed cameras in the area.  In Poolesville, set your GPS for Hunting Quarter Road, which will get you to River Road.  Drive past both entrances to Hunting Quarter, and on the right you will see a rough parking area with a bulletin board for notices.  Park there and walk past the bulletin board to the fields.  They are not visible from the road, so they are a little difficult to find.  On the weekend, there will likely be lots of cars in the parking area, which should make it easier to spot.

sunflowersThese great opportunities won’t last long.  Pack your gear, put on some bug spray, and enjoy these floral displays.  Hurry!

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