Netflix Wins Minor Battle, Posts To Facebook

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It's Uzo Aduba! (Photo courtesy The Associated Press)

It’s Uzo Aduba! (Photo courtesy The Associated Press)

Well, it’s about time to check in with Netflix, don’t you think? Better yet, it’s probably about time to write a normal post for once. Hey-yo!

Anyway, Big Red has been making news this week, reaching a handful of minor milestones along the way. In case if you were wondering about where I got the word “milestone” from, how about we turn to USA Today‘s Jayme Deerwester, who was one of many writers that took a screen grab of Reed Hastings’ Facebook page …

“Emmy nominations aren’t the only place where Netflix is beginning to eat HBO’s lunch,” Deerwester wrote. “The streaming video service just edged past HBO on the subscription revenue front last quarter, earning $1.146 billion to the cable network’s $1.141 billion.”

All right. We can settle down with the whole “eating HBO’s lunch” thing. I mean, come on now: Yeah, this is a pretty nice achievement, but “eating someone’s lunch” is sort of like implying Netflix has LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving while HBO is suiting up the three tallest players from this newsroom. Let’s not get carried away.

Even so, the victory proves both relevant and impressive in such a rapidly changing industry. Any time you can be mentioned in the same breath as HBO, you know you’ve officially arrived as a worthwhile player. Sure, “House Of Cards” might not be “The Sopranos,” but hey … wait a minute … what’s so bad about simply being “House Of Cards” in the first place?

No, but really: When it comes to constantly comparing the two entities and believing one (“House Of Cards”) has to be like the other (“The Sopranos”) in order to achieve success in the modern day, I’ve been as guilty as anyone. But what if that way of thinking is wrong? What if it’s more important to establish yourself as a singular brand and not like something that enjoyed success in the past, not the present? What if the true definition of victory in this context comes in the form of morons like me proclaiming something else the new “House Of Cards” 10 years from now?

Actually, that seems to be the game plan for Hastings and Qwikster whoops, I mean Netflix. Gary Levin, of USA Today, wrote earlier this week about the many, many more projects Big Red has coming down the pipeline …

“It’s plotting a ‘pretty massive step up’ in new shows over the next two years and is venturing into new genres,” he wrote. “As the service crossed the 50-million-subscriber mark worldwide and readies launches in France and Germany, five new series based on Marvel characters are in the works, led by Daredevil next year; Chelsea Handler is moving her act online, with a stand-up special Oct. 10, a docu-series and a weekly talk show in 2016; and Netflix’s first push into ‘adult’ cartoons, BoJack Horseman, arrives Aug. 22, voiced by Will Arnett and Aaron Paul.”

The story then goes into the many new series Netflix plans to launch within the next couple years, though because we don’t want to steal everything now, how about we just encourage you to click over to his article (spoiler alert: “Arrested Development” is coming back!).

This is all great news for Big Red, yes, but it’s even better news for us TV Without A TV types. The more ideas you throw against a wall, the more likely it is that a higher amount will stick. (Unless your name is Amazon, of course. But we won’t go there). I’ve said it before, but it’s about time to say it again: If Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are the next ABC, CBS and ABC, more victories like these need to happen.

You can call it a small step if you want, but at this point in the game, simply moving at all is imperative. Naturally, that is to say the least.


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