Amazon’s Stick And Some Astonishing Numbers

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Jeff Bezos

Well, he looks happy. (Photo courtesy The Associated Press)

A Prime Contender

“Amazon is including a few tricks of its own. It includes (a) system that predicts what you’ll watch next and tees up the show or movie so that it streams more quickly. It’s called Advanced Streaming and Prediction – or ASAP, get it?”

Wilson Rothman, you sly Wall Street Journal blogger, you!

All hail Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. It was announced today and it will be shipped on Nov. 19. Think Google’s Chromecast, but with Amazon Prime. Or Roku’s streaming stick but with Free Super Shipper Saving. Yet none of this is why you should actually care. Why? Because this is why you should actually care:

It’s 39 bucks. Not $100, like the Roku box. Not $50, like the Roku stick. Not $100 like an Apple TV. And not $35, like Chromecast.

Oh, wait.

Anyway, in addition to that ASAP feature (again: How clever!), you’ll also get Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, YouTube and oh, so much more. You can also turn on your TV and see whatever is playing on your Fire tablet (because we all know how many people still use their Fire tablets), and, of course, you will be granted access to the Amazon Cloud. Yes. With a capital “C.”

Also good? It has “six-times the processing power, two-times the memory, and 32-times the storage of Roku Streaming Stick,” according to some press release somewhere. So, there’s that.

More interesting to me: Check out this paragraph from Don Reisinger’s story at CNET …

“There’s also the Matchstick, a device that cropped up on Kickstarter earlier this month and easily beat its $100,000 funding goal. The Matchstick differentiates itself by being the first streaming stick to run on Mozilla’s open-source Firefox OS.”

We’re into crowd-sourcing this stuff already?! Somebody make it stop!

Jump-drive-looking-things: How we watch television in 2028. Remember. You heard it here first.

Men Lie. Women Lie. Numbers Don’t.

I’ve used that before, haven’t I. Oops.

Wired’s Marcus Wohlsen wrote a long piece about watching TV online and instead of making obnoxious chatter around the true gems he offered, I thought I’d pull some digits to highlight. Why? Because they are amazing. Here you go:

– TV viewing over the Internet grew by 388 percent in mid-2014 when compared with the same time last year.
– The number of unique viewers for these web services is growing 146 percent each year, so you can’t attribute the growth solely to binge-watching.
– For the first time ever, people are watching more sports online than they are movies.
– Speaking of that, people watch about four-and-a-half movies a month online.
– More than half of all online TV viewing happens on iOS apps.
And here’s my favorite:
– One year ago, gaming consoles and things like Rokus and Apple TVs accounted for three percent of online TV viewing. Today? That number now sits at 10 percent.

You’ll want to read it, if only for the numbers and charts and videos. Oh. Well, that and what he has to say about the World Cup’s influence on all this. Who says Mondays have to be boring?


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