Netflix Pix – May 2015

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May, oh May, oh May. We’re getting our picks in right before the deadline (a very Happy June goes to you on Monday!) again, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taking these five suggestions from Netflix’s instant streaming library to heart. It’s getting hot, after all, and you’ll be more than happy to relax in that air conditioning anyway.

This month, we have a movie that wrecked me in the theater. We have a cartoon that the gone-but-never-forgotten Michael Hunley made me watch. We have Brad Pitt and nazis. We have a look at what it takes to make a television show these days. And, most importantly, we have the best original thing Netflix has done to date (yeah, I said it).

So, behold this month’s Netflix Pix, friends. Because this blog refuses to die and that company keeps adding titles to its library. Hey. What can I say?

Onward and upward …

1. “Showrunners: The Art Of Running A TV Show” – It’s the golden age of the showrunner, friends. Everyone knows who Vince Gilligan is and you can’t name a soul who loves “Mad Men” yet doesn’t know the name Matthew Weiner. If you’re even remotely interested in television, this is a must. Also: Bonus points for featuring the Kings (AKA, the masterminds behind the best show in the world, “The Good Wife”).

2. “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” – Yep. I just finished it. And yep. I can say this with confidence: “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is better than “Orange Is The New Black” and “House Of Cards.” It’s “30 Rock”’s kid sister and you can tell (which is probably why it warms my heart so). Tina Fey is a genius. Buckle in. Lazy watchers need not apply.

3. “Fruitvale Station” – Dig “The Wire?” You’ll delight in seeing Michael B. Jordan on the screen again. I made it a priority to see it in the theater, and it took me a good 10 minutes to leave after the credits rolled because I was crying my eyes out. Yeah, I’ll admit that to a blog nobody reads. Anyway, it’s not perfect, but it’s affecting.

4. “The Triplets of Belleville” – We can thank Mr. Washington D.C. himself, Michael Hunley, for this. After hearing how I am unwilling to watch cartoon movies, he gave me a list and demanded I take a look. This was the first one up. Those fond of dialogue might be a bit disappointed, but it’s a fun watch, nonetheless. Especially if you like cute cartoon dogs. Just saying.

5. “Inglorious Basterds” – This was … surprisingly good. And I only say surprising because Quentin Tarantino is Quentin Tarantino is Quentin Tarantino is Quentin Tarantino. So, you get it. Right? Anyway. Brad Pitt puts in a strong performance and this was the movie that made Christoph Waltz’s career. It’s amazing to think this thing is already six years old. Have a look …


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