Freshening Up

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

So. This is one of my New Year’s resolutions–aims–goals–what-have-you: spend some time getting reacquainted with my city.

A few years back, I tried being a from-town tourist, but too much life got in the way, between my day job, freelancing, and family responsibilities that often took me OUT of town! Now I’m a bit more settled, and thought that instead of just hitting the touristy spots this year (although I will do some of that), that I’ll just be more open-eyed to what’s around me as I go about my daily business and maybe just take a little more time to turn aside to look at them more closely, rather than try to make special excursions (although I will do some of that, too).

I’m looking forward to re-discovering Frederick!



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