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Tidbits: Summer’s Not Over Yet, The August Outdoor Show Review

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You might be searching for those back-to-school deals already, but August still has plenty of summer fun in store. In fact, August seems to be the grand finally of the summer this year, boasting three explosive outdoor concerts, each featuring a mix of local and national bands. This weekend on Saturday, the 9th annual JoAnn Garrett Classic promises to not only be a good opportunity to support multiple cancer charities, but you can also enjoy an eclectic and hip array of modern rock bands. The ... read more

Communication Breakdown: Community – It’s All Coming Together

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2014 feels like a big year for Frederick, a turning point where we all came together to begin staking our claim in the national music scene. While there is so much to talk about (and maybe I will in the annual sentimental year-end review) - so many great local bands doing big things - I really want to tell you about two new community efforts that are making Frederick’s music scene feel more like a community. I can’t believe it! Frederick finally has an entire professional website dedicated ... read more

Communication Breakdown: The FCLB Answers Community Questions About the New Entertainment Application Requirements

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On May 2, community awareness began to grow through Facebook about a newly imposed Entertainment Application that would be required by the Frederick County Liquor Board (FCLB). The new application requires the approval of the FCLB two weeks prior to all entertainment events and contains some policy-speak that comes across as vague and can be easily misinterpreted as impinging on the livelihood of local businesses and musicians. Naturally, a lot of chatter was generated in just three days amongst ... read more

Tidbits: It’s Festival Season!

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Tidbits: It’s Festival Season! The music industry wastes no time every year kicking off festival season just as soon as most of the country begins emerging from the cold dark depth of winter. For me, it starts in March with SXSW in Austin, TX and wraps up in late October with CMJ in New York City. Every month in between, music writers and fans alike are barraged with lineups and raving post-show reviews about all these crazy, zany performances at festivals we didn’t even have a glimmer ... read more

Tidbits: One Question with Ian Vanek of Japanther

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Japanther’s music has been self-described as “Slayer for girls” and “when Beavis and Butt-head have that dream about being on stage at the concert.” The band has been featured on video games such as "Grand Theft Auto 4" and "Skate 3," as well as HBO’s series "True Blood," but they are still just a punk band at heart with shows that range from outrageous exhibitions of visual art and sound, to bare-bones, hole-in-the-wall club shows. So, at Bucket Of Rock we just wanted to ask lead ... read more

Tidbits: Signs Point East, Back To The Start EP Review

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What’s been clear from the beginning is that local boys, Signs Point East love to groove as a live band.  From their very early days in 2012 at the old Mick’s on West Patrick, it’s been evident that a large part of the band’s sound, full of dance-able bass lines, guitar solos, and sing-able hooks is tailored to performing live on stage. Signs Point East coin a sound that runs tangent to the jam band scene, but that is clearly not in the same circle considering most of their songs stick ... read more

Frederick in Photo’s: 2013 BORO Top 10 Music Impacts

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Tis' the season for Top 10 countdowns!  The list below isn't necessarily a best of bands, but more a reflection of bands that made the greatest impact on the local music community in 2013.  In addition, Bucket Of Rock ditched the video recording in favor of growing love for concert photography, so the 2013 Top 10 is accented by photo's mostly from yours truly to showcase Frederick's finest.   10. Joint Effort A hip hop rock fusion quartet that aren't exactly new this year, but ... read more

Communication Breakdown: It’s Almost Here, Get Excited About Artomatic Frederick 2013

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This September is going to be so jammed packed with live music in downtown Frederick, that we’ve officially changed the name to SHOWtember!  The big reason behind all this live music all month long is Frederick’s second installment of Artomatic Frederick located in the old Frederick County Public School Administration buildings at 115 and 117 East Church St.  The first Artomatic Frederick occurred in 2011 and this year several community members organized once again to bring back the massive ... read more

Tidbits: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Is Something To Rabbl About

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On occasion I like to talk about new technologies and business websites geared toward the music industry.  This is another one of those occasions, but with a cool “choose your own adventure” kind of twist.   I recently came across the opportunity to learn more in-depth about a new crowd sourcing website called Rabbl.  Rabbl is a lot like kickstarter, however the genius difference is that it connects fans, bands, and venues to specific potential tour dates.  In other words fans aren’t ... read more

Tidbits: Gonzofest Featuring The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

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It was one of the hottest days of the year so far when Flying Dog Brewery opened it’s grounds once more for the annual Gonzofest celebration. Gonzofest is a birthday party of sorts, paying homage to the late and great Good Doctor, Hunter S. Thompson. The past five events have featured Flying Dog beer, live music, and more recently specialty food trucks.

This year’s Gonzofest did bring some changes however. Gone was the separated food and beer court from last year, a slightly slimmer selection of food trucks were integrated in the far end of the yard amongst a smattering of beer stations, picnic tables, and merch tables. Gone were the antics of “Jackass” like stunt performers and the Hunter S Thompson look a like contest. All that remained of side entertainment were a few spirited festival goers and a sincere salute to the Good Doctor by owner Jim Caruso. Also, gone was the 6 hour event format with bands for every finger on one hand. It’s easy to tell this year’s event was much more modest than in years past, but what Gonzofest 2013 lacked in size, it certainly made up for in quality and in addition, ticket prices were a bit cheaper! Gonzofest featured only two bands this year, but it was still the best live music opportunity for any local resident that weekend. Instead of the array of up and coming local metro area bands, Flying Dog dropped the big bucks on the two decade long rock icons, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (JSBX) and their part time touring companions We Are Hex.

Both bands were energetic on stage despite the high heat index. Front woman, Jill Weiss of We Are Hex had great stage conviction and captivated the sonically unsure while they warmed up to We Are Hex’s noisy raucous “swampy death rock”. Weiss’s performance was probably not a fluke either, the mild mannered Midwesterner seems to be quite use to unleashing her inner hellish banshee self on stage. As a whole We Are Hex is a tight live band despite the fact everyone’s got their own intricate and diverse roles to play. Interestingly, Jon Spencer produced the bands most recent 7”, Lewd Nudie Animals and the band sported tracks from that record at Gonzofest. We Are Hex’s collaboration with Jon Spencer seems to be paying off as proof that sonically Lewd Nudie Animals has those juicy melodic rhythms that gives you something to hold onto amongst the wild energy and edginess, a dynamic very common in JSBX tunes.

The JSBX took stage just as the heat of the day was breaking and during the fan induced encore lightning flickered in the distance as cymbals crashed and electric guitars wailed on stage. It was quite poetic actually and I took a solitude spot near the sound board to enjoy the moment after all the photo’s were taken and notes were written. It’s hard to recall the exact set list from a band with such a deep discography and whose songs flow into one another to create more of a whole “experience” than a track listening session, but I’m positive the JSBX played tunes from Meat and Bone and new songs from an upcoming unnamed album currently in the works. If you haven’t given Meat and Bone a spin yet, I highly recommend it as an album that will appeal to modern and older rock fans. Somewhere in the process of keeping it raw and stripped down (haha, I think I get the reason for the album title now besides the fact that it also contains a track called Meat and Bone), it took on a timeless rock and roll quality. Check out the opening track and single, Black Mold and tell me that this song wouldn’t fit into your Bass Drums Of Death or Diarrhea Planet playlist or on the opposite spectrum, Stooges. Heck, even Pitchfork gave Meat and Bone a 7.3 score.

If you made it out to Gonzofest this year, kudo’s on your good decision. If by some tragic reason you were forced to miss the event, you can check out my photo recap and Meat and Bone probably somewhere on one of those fancy streaming music websites. Hey, and as an added bonus Bucket Of Rock snagged an interview with Russell Simins of JSBX for your extra music nerdiness reading pleasure!