Life through my Lens

Life Through My Lens: Fog

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Fog means different things to different people.  When I was an educator on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, it meant an hour or two delay to the start of school.  I'd spend the extra time having a cup of coffee and reading the morning paper in the morning (what a concept!) instead of in the evening when I had more time.  For commuters, fog means dangerous driving.  For boaters and aircraft pilots, it complicates navigation. But for photographers, fog means it's time to grab the camera ... read more

Life Through My Lens: Local Color — Get it Soon!

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Photographers and artists alike seek out the beauty of Claude Monet's water lily pond in Giverny, the lavender fields of Provence, and the famous sunflower fields of Kansas.  But you can find those same stunning displays right here in Maryland, without the need to pack your bags.  Unless, of course, it is your camera bag. If you're seeking water lilies and lotus, they are in full bloom right now at Lily Pons near Adamstown.  Pink and yellow lotus ponds feature the plants with their tall stalks ... read more

Life Through My Lens: Yarn Bombs!

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If you've walked or driven along E. Patrick Street in downtown Frederick in the past few days, you surely have noticed a colorful change in the landscape.  Those boring old parking meters are suddenly wearing colorful sweaters.  Even the mile marker in front of the vintage clothing store is wrapped in a custom made outfit.  What happened?  How did colorful knitted and crocheted "clothing" for meters and signs come about?  The answer is that downtown Frederick was "yarn bombed." According ... read more

Life Through My Lens: Misty Morning Magic

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When I saw the mist this morning, my first thought was to get out to my favorite location for photographing wonderfully beaded spider webs, dripping with dew.  However, my effort was thwarted by miles of traffic backed up on Rt. 144, so I turned around and came back home.  After all, there is a farm with wire fencing bordering my neighborhood, so that's where I explored with my camera in hand, looking for webs. Webs were few and far between, but there were filaments on barbed wire, leaves covered ... read more

Life Through My Lens: Bluebells Along the Monocacy

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It's been too long since I did a blog entry.  Between rain and lack of time and physical therapy appointments, I have not had good opportunities to really get out and shoot. But today, I knew that the bluebells would be blooming along the Monocacy River, so my friend Norma and I packed our gear, put on our old sneakers, and headed for my favorite location to photograph these beautiful spring flowers. There are lots of good places to photograph bluebells this time of year, including the Ford Loop ... read more

Life Through My Lens: My Photo Walk, Week 12 — Middle Creek, PA

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(Click any photo to enlarge.) I was bummed that I had pretty much missed snow goose season in Delaware this year.  Between my broken ankle and the awful winter weather, I just did not make it to my favorite spots to see the geese at Prime Hook and Bombay Hook.  However, as both the weather and I improved, I realized that a trip to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Pennsylvania was very much a possibility. Middle Creek is in Lebanon County, north of Lititz.  I researched it via their ... read more

Life Through My Lens: My Photo Walk, Week 11 — A Drive With Gary

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My friend Gary suggested a day out of the house, with cameras in hand, so I took him up on the offer.  Gary has a special love for everything connected to the Potomac River, the C&O Canal, lock houses and dams, and anything Civil War. After he picked me up, we headed south on Rt. 75, working our way toward Sugarloaf Mountain.  When we arrived at Sugarloaf, the drive was closed, so we ventured on to Dickerson, then Point of Rocks, Burkittsville, and finally Antietam.  Along the way, whenever ... read more

Life Through My Lens: My Photo Walk, Week 11 — Flower and Garden Show

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With a St. Patrick's Day snowstorm predicted for tomorrow, today I went in search of spring.  It wasn't in my yard, or even in my neighborhood, but I did find a promise of it in Hagerstown.  The 20th Annual Flower and Garden Show, sponsored by the Hagerstown Community College Alumni Association, was just the place to find it. I took my knee wheeler stroller with me, and used it from the parking lot into the building, as well as all around inside.  Thankfully, there was good accessibility everywhere ... read more

Life Through My Lens: My Photo Drive — Week 9, Dress It Up

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Even though I have a broken ankle, I am able to drive.  It is my left ankle, and now that I have figured out how to get out of the house with all essentials (keys, camera, crutches, scooter) in one trip, I sometimes escape from the house and hit the road. Saturday, I decided that a photo drive was in order, and I knew that it would have to be something photo worthy from inside the car.  To that end, I drove to Thomas Farm, which is part of the Monocacy Battlefield.  After all, what could be ... read more

Life Through My Lens: Week 8, The “Should’ves”

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The phrase “Life Through My Lens” can be interpreted in several ways. This week, my “lens” is not my camera, but my perception about a situation in my life. “Be prepared.” “Don't put off until tomorrow that which you can do today.” I've heard these sayings over and over, and time and time again, I have ignored them. Procrastination is human nature. After all, who wouldn't rather go out to lunch with friends than wait all day for the repairman to show up to install a new garage ... read more