Don’t feed the ducks

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Some of our readers reacted harshly to a photo we recently published on the front page of the newspaper. The Feb. 27 photo featured a small boy feeding popcorn to some ducks at Culler Lake in Baker Park. Big mistake. The reason, as some of our readers astutely pointed out, is that feeding ducks is not only a municipal infraction, but also can be dangerous to the water fowl for a long list of reasons. The day before we published the photo I reviewed it and was warned by several staff members, ... read more

Blaine Young is all in

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In early 2011, Frederick County Commissioners President Blaine Young met with the editorial board of The Frederick News-Post to talk about a long list of issues that included the county budget and taxes. He also spent a short time talking about his political future and said in no uncertain terms that he would be a one-term county commissioner. The reason he gave was his two sons were both under 10 years old at the time and he wanted to always be around while they were growing up. Young said his own ... read more