Probably Poetry

Enjoy the Ride

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I used to walk tight ropes, thinkin' I never needed a safety net. But in the back of my mind, I had hoped that you were there, and yet You were, when you could be. You never wanted to hurt me, Even though it put you through hell. Catching me when I fell. But you broke my fall too many times, I screwed up and crossed the line. Granted, I took you away from your normal life. We are a bunch of fun, the circus type. I guess when it's all said and done, It's not about who lost or won, Just ... read more

Up in the Air

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Mind the wings, South by Southwest via BWI.
A toast to tail winds, left a contrail in the sky.
I’ll call you when we touch down, Goodbye.

No stock in turbulence, just bumps along the way.
Ignoring every warning the flight attendant has to say.
Waste of a wind seat, storm cloud gray.

Finally, direction in my life, I think I’ve got a hold.
I was the mutt, never did what I was told.
A new beginning, let’s see how it’ll unfold.

Valentine Verse

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Make the most of love because life is a splendor.

Hem chest pockets, hold fast because the heart is tender.

Safe guard from cupid’s arrow with a pocket protector.

Past person’s leave memories, but there’s no need to fester.

(Dedicated to my mother)


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Why does the screaming stop when I look out my window?
My dreams never end, I’m in a constant limbo.
Don’t hide from me just because the light isn’t on.
I turned the radio off because it was playing our song.
Shadows fade, illuminated by the moon.
Life should be black and white like a cartoon.
My pages turn, a crumpled up newspaper.
Things thrown away, lost it sooner rather than later.

Final Act

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Such a puntual death.

I hope to never know another life wasted by the needle.

I’ve never known that struggle personally but I’ve seen the effects.

Every high doesn’t kill but they are all just as lethal.

-R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman (2-2-14)

Café Du Monde

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candle lit calligraphy
& tape deck dominance
go hand-in-hand perfectly
in this world of tragic comedy
bearded men on bar stools
handling beer bottles haphazardly
trying to convince themselves that
their dreams aren’t fantasy

Shady Grove

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a big mindand a lack of motivationI ignored the signsand walked to the nearest train stationwaiting there with a pad and a penthrough it all the words were my only friendit's headed East bound, right for the citythe window seat, watching the world through a tvwashed out walls covered in graffitinobody gives a damn, what a pity ... read more

Tale of a Torn Two

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Liquor laps against my lips,
Like waves against the shore.
I find myself under the table once more,
Unable to visualize the night before,
Distraught by what today has in store.

A woman wanders through the bathroom door,
Her face distraught, frail, and sore.
She heads for the phone.
I call out but am ignored.
No dial tone, disconnected from the storm.

The love is gone,
No where else to explore,
Feeling numb but warm.
Falling to our knees,
A heap on the floor.