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And Now It’s Time To Talk About Aereo And The Supreme Court.

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“We are not against people moving forward and offering our content online and all sorts of places, as long as it is appropriately licensed. Innovation is still alive and well and thriving." Well, yeah. But ... . The top nugget was buried at the bottom of a New York Times piece authored by Emily Steel. It was published yesterday and it was what we like to call the second-day (or, at this point, at least, the third- or fourth-day) story regarding the Supreme Court's decision to rule against ... read more

SCOTUS To Aereo: Oh, No, You Won’t.

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(Note: There was no "Orange Is The New Black" post last week because of this. It will resume this week). This will be short, but it's imperative to get it out there as it breaks: This blog's favorite weirdly named Internet start-up just saw its life flash before its tiny-antennae-d eyes. From Mark Sherman of The Associated Press ... "The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a startup Internet company has to pay broadcasters when it takes television programs from the airwaves and allows subscribers ... read more

It’s Finally Here: Aereo Gets To The Supreme Court

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"It's a bit of a coin flip." So said Chet Kanojia, the man behind this blog's favorite Internet startup, Aereo. The words were uttered to New York Times media correspondent extraordinaire, David Carr, recently, and they were published in a Sunday piece profiling ... ... The Supreme Court case that is about to jump off the diving board and into the pool of television revolution after months and months of anticipation. That's right, friends: It's finally time for American Broadcasting ... read more

CBS’s Les Moovnes Is Obnoxious And Aereo Needs To Beat Him Down In Court.

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So. Did you catch what CBS resident Head Guy Les Moonves said on CNBC not too long ago? (Side: What in the name of The Good Wife is a CBS executive doing on an NBC network?! The world has gone mad, I tell you! Mad!). It was fairly intriguing. It involved Aereo. And, most importantly, it may or may not be a whole Undercover Boss-load of smokescreen. But we'll get back to that in a minute. For now, here's Mike Flacy of Digital Trends ... "Mentioned within a CNBC interview with Les Moonves this ... read more

Aereo Vs. The President: April’s Main Event.

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Amicus curiae: noun. one (as a professional person or organization) that is not a party to a particular litigation but that is permitted by the court to advise it in respect to some matter of law that directly affects the case in question. That comes from Merriam-Webster, a dictionary (remember those?!). And why on earth would it apply to a blog named TV Without A TV? Glad you asked, disembodied voice. Because it's now time to formally check in with Aereo, the Internet television service that ... read more

Aereo is heading to the Supreme Court; Sony has big plans.

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Aereo Goes To Washington "If today's kids become accustomed to Internet-based TV, tomorrow's households will turn to the Internet rather than cable or satellite." So wrote CNet's Joan E. Solsman on Wednesday. As it goes, the U.S. Supreme Court decided last week that it will indeed hear the case against Aereo, the oft-discussed tiny-antenna service that streams over-the-air channels to televisions via the Internet. In the wake of that announcement, Solsman wrote a sprawling, must-read piece ... read more

And Now It’s Time To Talk About Owning A Roku.

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Welp. I received a Roku for Christmas. And while there's much to talk about with all the CES happenings, Hulu's original content slate for 2014, and all the scuttlebutt surrounding the season premieres of "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" (already happened) and "House of Cards" (almost a month away!), we're going to start the year off with a first-hand account of what it's like to live with one of these things. First, this should be said: In an ideal world, I would have initially preferred ... read more

Aereo comes to Baltimore one week from today. Are you ready?

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So. Do you have anything going on next week? Say, about this same time on this same day, exactly one week from now? Monday, Dec. 16, it is. Nine days before Christmas. Fifteen days before the end of 2013. Got plans? Last-minute holiday shopping? Mulling the year's best music? A trip to some warm-weather destination, fully equipped with a lack of snow and ice? Well, busy or not, you ought to take note: Aereo is coming to Baltimore. Lorraine Mirabella, you're up ... "The technology, which ... read more

Aereo gets to Denver. Some people are ditching the Web.

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Welp, if you're in Denver right now, a) why in the world are you reading this? and b) happy Aereo day! That's right. Our favorite weirdly named Internet television sensation is rolling out today in the mile-high city, joining Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, Houston, Salt Lake City, New York and Dallas as the Very Important cities that offer Aereo. D.C. and Baltimore are on their way, of course, but for whatever reason, Salt Lake City seems to be far more valuable than the Most Powerful City In ... read more

Apple TV Begins To Scramble. Aereo Announces Three More Cities. Is D.C. Next?

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What do you say we offer up a two-for-one on this sunny Wednesday? I mean, what with all the website changes, weeks off, "Breaking Bad" obsessions, and everything else in between, how about we dive right back in, no? Good. Roku 1. Apple TV 0. Have you heard about everybody's favorite tech-obsessed fruit snatching up video app Matcha recently? Oh, you haven't? What's that? You don't even really care? Awww, shucks. Well, you should. Zack Whittaker at ZDNet elaborated a bit earlier today ... "The ... read more