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Amazon’s Stick And Some Astonishing Numbers

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A Prime Contender "Amazon is including a few tricks of its own. It includes (a) system that predicts what you’ll watch next and tees up the show or movie so that it streams more quickly. It’s called Advanced Streaming and Prediction - or ASAP, get it?" Wilson Rothman, you sly Wall Street Journal blogger, you! All hail Amazon's Fire TV Stick. It was announced today and it will be shipped on Nov. 19. Think Google's Chromecast, but with Amazon Prime. Or Roku's streaming stick but with ... read more

Android TV And Fire TV: Two Brand New Products. Two Overly Aggressive Names

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All right. So, here we go. You take off a week, and the Internet television world goes nuts. Amazon and Google, your two favorite Internet destinations that aren't named "Apple (something)," or "i(something)," have decided to ascend from the depths of their respective caves to cause a ruckus about this whole cutting-the-cord thing (note to reader: replace the word "something" with anything from "Pod" to "Toilet," and ... well, you know what I mean). A whole lot has happened, and there's oh-so-little ... read more

Friday’s Two For One: Amazon Readies Big Announcement; Round 1 Of Roku Vs. Apple

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Amazon. Oh. Amazon. For the second time this week, we have the Wall Street Journal breaking a story that applies to our tiny corner of the Internet. And for the second time this week, I wonder aloud how on earth the Wall Street Journal became the go-to place for all things TV-Without-A-TV-related. Thanks again, paywall. Here's Marcus Wohlsen from Wired ... "According to the Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, Amazon has plans to launch a Hulu-like service that will stream TV shows ... read more

The prospect of Kindle TV and the best numbers in Netflix history

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Oh, there's just so much to consider on this first Friday in February. First, there's a whole bunch of words about Philip Seymour Hoffman. And then, of course, there's the phone conversation I shared with Paula Poundstone, who is coming to town tomorrow night. And finally, we also have the latest episode of the For The Record podcast that features a tweak in formula and the fabulous Chelsea McBee, who stopped by the newspaper's offices for a tiny makeshift concert. But that's not all! In addition ... read more

Apple TV gets an upgrade; Amazon wants you to know it’s NOT talking to cable providers.

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Apple and Amazon — it wouldn't be a Friday in late January if we didn't give you a quick two-for-one to close the week out, right? Right. So, let's go. Apple, you seductive beast, you Timmy Cook's pet project is back in the news, friends. Thursday, a whole boatload of rumors began swirling about news regarding the company's set-top box. Yes. Apple TV is getting an upgrade. From the highly reliable Mark Gurman from the highly reliable 9to5mac ... "We’ve learned that Apple is making ... read more

What You Want When You Want It.

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Welp. With a little less than two weeks left in 2013, we have been inundated with wrap-ups, lists, best-of commentary and, of course, think pieces dedicated to figuring out what it all might mean moving forward. Naturally, CNN did this with television. And naturally, CNN broached the whole Internet TV thing. Let's go, Lisa Respers France ... "While streaming and DVRing shows is not new, the take off of the original content really came into its own in 2013," she wrote Wednesday. "Charlotte ... read more

What It Is To Break Bad, Part 59,027

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There are spoilers. So, if you haven't seen the series finale, then go ahead and turn the other way right ... about ... Now. OK. So, after dozens of episodes, a handful of seasons and thousands of seconds worth of impressively dramatic ebbs and flows, "Breaking Bad" ended last night, probably in the way you — yes, you! — predicted. Whether it be season one, when the then-mustached Walter White killed his first victim with what looked like a bike lock, or season four, when he blew half a ... read more

Netflix vs. Amazon, Part 349,092; Aereo announces plans for its next city.

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Wow, there is so much stuff today.

We have a documentary taking a look at if Led Zeppelin played in a local youth center more than 40 years ago. We have a look at the Postal Service's reunion tour stop at Merriweather. And now, we have two — two! — blog items for the price of one on this sunny Thursday morning. It's like Christmas in June. Without the cold. Or the happiness.

Number four, number four.

For it's next trick, Aereo, our favorite oddly named Internet startup, is taking its talents to ... Chicago! Yes, now Kanye West can stream "Judge Judy" reruns on the Internet as he puts North down for a nap. Take it away, Matt Burns, who quoted the company's CEO, Chet Kanojia, in his piece published about an hour ago ...

“There’s no place like Chicago and we’re excited to be launching in this world-class city in September,” Aereo CEO and Founder Chet Kanojia said in a released statement today. “Consumers want more choice and flexibility when it comes to how they watch television and the enthusiastic response to our technology from people across the country has been humbling. At Aereo, we feel that we’ve built something meaningful for consumers and we’re proud of the work we’ve accomplished. However, there’s still much more to come as we continue our expansion into new cities throughout the summer and fall.”

Gut reaction: There's no place like Chicago? Really?! What do you say after you decide which city you are going to invade next, Special K? "There's no place like ... actually there is a place just like Kansas City — Chicago — but there aren't many other places like these. Promise."

Anyway, this comes after the company expanded to Atlanta a few days ago, which, of course, came after the company popped up in Boston, which, of course, came after the company began offering its services in New York City. Got that? Good.

Easy A now faces a tiny conundrum, as Burns so elegantly points out (go read his piece!): The more the operation expands, the more it pokes the bear, constantly reminding the justice system that yes, some day, it's going to have to rule on the service's legality one way or the other. Inherently, then, Aereo now has to ask itself if it should keep throwing flares into the sky, begging for attention, or just figure out how to live life on its increasingly lonely island.

There's probably no real right or wrong answer, of course, but one might believe it unwise to stop now, if you're Aereo. The thing keeps gaining traction by the day it seems, and until someone or something very powerful tries to cut off its knees for good, the only productive thing the company can do is proceed as though it's business as usual.

Remember, friends: It's supposed to hit this area before the end of the year (fingers crossed). That is, assuming it can still walk by the time the end of the year gets here.

UFC 402: Amazon vs. Netflix

Hey, did anyone catch the neat graphic the Wall Street Journal posted Monday morning? I'd put it right below this sentence, but that wouldn't be nice, now would it? Instead, I'll simply commend the lads over there for dissecting Piper Jaffray's analysis of the battle between not only Amazon and Netflix, but also Hulu and Redbox. From Tom Gara ...

"Here’s one metric of the work Amazon has ahead of it: Does it have the shows and movies people actually want to watch?" Gara wrote. "The conclusion? In short, Netflix is on top in films, Hulu in TV, and Amazon in neither. And it’s only Netflix breaking into the double digits in both categories."

Or, in short, no.

The numbers are interesting to look at (again: props to the people at Piper Jaffray). Hulu Plus offers 44 percent of the top 75 television shows available for streaming over the last four years, Netflix has 33 percent and Amazon has ... ready for this? ... seven percent. The company gains ground, however, when it comes to the top 50 movies available for streaming over the last four years, but still can't overcome the Big Red Machine — Netflix, 14 percent; Amazon, 11.

But wait. There's more!

Todd Spangler, the Digital Editor at Variety, took the opposite position when he noted Wednesday that Amazon is not a company others vying for streaming success sould take lightly.

"'s streaming war with Netflix continues apace, as the Internet retail expanded its multiyear licensing agreement with PBS for hundreds of additional episodes of shows including NOVA, Masterpiece and Ken Burns documentaries plus kids’ shows like 'Caillou,' 'Arthur,' 'Daniels Tiger’s Neighborhood,' 'Dinosaur Train' and 'Wild Kratts,'" he wrote. "All told, Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service now includes more than 41,000 movies and TV episodes. Shows from PBS Kids that are available on Prime Instant Video will be available in Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, which provides books, games, educational apps, movies and TV shows on the tablet."

House of Cards or "Arthur?" Hey, it's your life, guys. 

The most memorable nugget from the entire piece? Amazon Prime, which offers free unlimited two-day shipping on products from the Amazon store and is what the company's streaming service essentially runs through, costs 79 bucks a year. 79 bucks!? Wow. That's something like $6.58 a month, which is just ... it's just ... wait. I pay 10 bucks a month for Netflix, don't I?

OK. Does anyone know if Amazon has any back episodes of "Extreme Couponing" in its library?

Amazon releases the hounds. Aereo finds itself in a fight for its life.

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So ... how was your week? Good? Good. Did you happen to wander over to Amazon to check out the big news yet? I'm sure you have, right? Welp, in case any of you haven't, let's turn to the wonderful Kevin Fallon at The Daily Beast, who this morning took to the World Wide Internet to do the undoable: Rank eight of the 14 pilots The Big A released last week for free. Don't believe me? Oh, silly, you ... "Late last week the Web juggernaut posted all 14 of the the TV pilots it ordered and asked the ... read more

Zombieland and Amazon: A match made in television pilot heaven?

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Color me ignorant, but I thought the whole zombie thing went out of style with Blackberries and Bon Jovi records a few years ago. The pinnacle of the craze came in the form of two things, really. 1) The beginning of AMC's "The Walking Dead" for which I have far too many friends going to bat, telling me that "It's not all about zombies" and it's "Really, really good." No. 2? "Zombieland," the 2009 mildly subversive hit movie featuring every teen intellectual's favorite neurotic actor, Jesse Eisenberg, ... read more