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A New Dish Network Web TV Service By Summer? Plus, The Return Of Moviefone.

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Oh, there's so much to get to. So much to catch up on. So much to discuss. There are podcasts. There are horses. And then there's the two-for-one fabulousness that we're about to offer. All right. Let's get to it. Quite The Dish There was a time, not too long ago, when we took a look at the news that Dish Network was contemplating throwing its hat into the Internet TV ring. Remember that? The deal with Disney? The intention of engaging in countless more negotiations with countless more conglomerates? ... read more

Disney and Dish: An exciting marriage or the beginning of a divorce?

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Well, this is important. Dish Network and Disney made a deal this week, and it might just change a whole bunch of stuff throughout the Internet TV landscape. In short, the satellite television provider bought the rights to offer up ABC, ESPN and the Disney Channel on an Internet platform. Think about what you get from owning an Apple TV, a Roku or a Chromecast. Substitute that for the aforementioned three networks. And boom. That's what you got. But here's the thing: Dish is already in negotiations ... read more

Is Dish Network turning to the Internet to help save subscription numbers?

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There was a time in my life during which I lived in a place that relied on a satellite dish for its television consumption. I remember it being darn exciting — satellite TV always offered 39,924 more channels than regular cable television providers and the wide array of music channels that the package offered, I always thought, was worth the extra few bucks alone. The problem? Weather. Whenever it would rain or snow, the possibility of bad reception increased and I can vividly recall moments ... read more