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Disney and Dish: An exciting marriage or the beginning of a divorce?

by Colin McGuire. 0 Comments

Well, this is important. Dish Network and Disney made a deal this week, and it might just change a whole bunch of stuff throughout the Internet TV landscape. In short, the satellite television provider bought the rights to offer up ABC, ESPN and the Disney Channel on an Internet platform. Think about what you get from owning an Apple TV, a Roku or a Chromecast. Substitute that for the aforementioned three networks. And boom. That's what you got. But here's the thing: Dish is already in negotiations ... read more

Netflix and Disney: A marriage

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Just when you think December is reserved for nothing more than gifts, celebrations, half-done work and family members you haven't seen since 2006, Netflix up and lands a deal with one of the most profitable entertainment entities in the universe. From The Associated Press ... "Netflix's Internet video service has landed the U.S. rights to show Disney movies shortly after they leave theaters, a coup that could turn into a costly mistake if the deal doesn't bring in more customers," the news outlet's ... read more