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60’s Spiderman Show Caption Memes

by Hannah Rudow. 0 Comments

Screencaps from episodes of the 1960’s Spiderman show (sometimes called Vintage Spiderman) became a typical caption meme. The meme isn't new at the time of this post, but several of these images (captioned or without caption) are still widely used as reaction images so it is important to know and understand this meme so that you will be fully Meme Literate. According to KnowYourMeme the captions are known for “typically featuring an absurd internal monologue that correspond with the actions ... read more

Youtube and “Let’s Play” Gaming Videos

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(Caution for swearing in some of the videos!) A video of a host or multiple hosts playing a videogame, some are meant to be comedic while others are actually be instructive to help players through the games that are being played. The name “Let’s Play” is essentially short for “Let’s Play (insert videogame title)”, which I think is charming since it implies that the viewer gets to experience the game along with the host in a way that is fun and personal. To explain why Let’s Plays ... read more

Espurr’s Eyes: X/Y Pokemon’s Famous Stare

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Fans of different shows and movies have their own unique memes, so today I would like to take a look at a very specific meme that comes directly from a specific Pokemon, Espurr. Firstly, Espurr is a Pokemon that originates from the Pokemon X&Y games. It is a fuzzy, small, dull light purple creature that somewhat resembles a short-limbed cat standing on its hind legs. This Pokemon has large folded ears, because according to the Pokemon X Pokedex entry, and from the Pokemon Y Pokedex entry we ... read more