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2012: The year original programming took over the Internet.

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"Lilyhammer." "House Of Cards." "The Failure Club." "A Day In The Life." "Battleground." "Up To Speed." And of course, "Electric City." These are the things that will (hopefully) make 2012 an interesting year. Why is that, you ask? Well, disembodied voice, these are just a few of the first wave of Internet-specific television programs set to invade a machine near you within the next couple months. From Jake Coyle at The Associated Press ... "Over the next few months, YouTube, Netflix ... read more

Could Netflix’s time atop the world of streaming services be coming to an end?

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Who says this blog isn't relevant?! Well, pretty much everyone in the entire world aside from the tens of ... well ... tens that read this thing. Still, that doesn't mean I don't love you all equally. Anyways, proving the importance of the ability to watch television without a normal cable television package in our pop culture lexicon, though, was a recent graphic composed from a study the wonderful people at Mashwork recently offered (and more importantly, the fabulous Ms. Mlot forwarded to ... read more