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“Special Feeling” Meme

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Not long ago I spotted a link shared from one of the cosplay  Facebook pages that I follow. It was about a Japanese Meme, which roughly translates to “Special Feeling”. According to tumblr lore- “For people wondering what the hell this is, its a Japanese meme from a recent TV broadcast where a weather reporter was asking people on the street how the snow made them feel. The young couple was asked and the man blurted out “When you’re with your lover and it’s snowing, you are just ... read more

Twilicane: Twilight Sparkle’s Scepter

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Twilicane, also known as Twicane, Twilight’s Cane, Twi-scepter, or most accurately Twilight Sparkle’s Scepter, is a forced meme that derives from the Season 4 Episode 2 of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The Scepter (since that is a more accurate word for it, than cane) was drawn by storyboard artist for the show Sibsy. I personally think that the staring eyes and creepy/cute smile are somewhat reminiscent of other memes that involve staring such as the memes centered on the Pokemon ... read more

‘Realistic’ FanArt

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The Hyperrealistic style of art is "realism in art characterized by depiction of real life in an unusual or striking manner" according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. In the art world, Hyperrealism is seen as an extension of Photorealism, but in FanArt realism has been taken in a whole new direction, adding details to videogame or anime style characters in a way that suggests a guess at what they would look like in real life. I've noticed that this trend in fanart can be found heavily in the ... read more