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Behold The Top 10 Twitter TV rankings.

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Not to beat a dead bird over the head, but ... how 'bout we talk about Twitter again? OK? Good. I mean, it's not like anyone's reading anyway, right? Right. Behold Nielsen's brand-new, revolutionary, completely complex Top 10 Twitter TV ratings: 1. The Walking Dead 2. Glee 3. American Horror Story: Coven 4. Catfish: The TV Show 5. The X Factor 6. Scandal 7. The Voice 8. Jimmy Kimmel Live 9. The X Factor 10. Dancing With The Stars Now, behold the Nielsen television ratings for the ... read more

The Cable Show

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"The Nielsen Co. says about 5 million U.S. households had a TV but didn't hook it up with a traditional pay TV provider or even an antenna last year. Those households are opting instead for Web video from Netflix and other providers. Nielsen calls these homes 'Zero TV' households. Although online viewing generates advertising revenue on services such as Hulu, cable TV providers will lose TV subscription revenues if this group grows in size." So it went when The Associated Press's Ryan Nakashima ... read more

Ratings, ratings, ratings.

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What's a television show if it has no ratings? A canceled television show, I tell you — that's what it is. Now, what's a television show that has no ratings, yet is reportedly watched by a ton of people? An Internet sensation, I tell you — that's what it is. Behold a major step in the sea change that is sweeping the world of television consumption: Nielsen, the gold standard for all things ratings, is about to include numbers from televisions that use an Internet connection as its source ... read more