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TNT, TBS and ABC: Welcome to the party.

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This is what happens when you step away from something for a short amount of time: Things happen and you look like a moron when you actually find time to talk about them. Related: NPR's Terry Gross is going to speak in Frederick this evening. OK. Maybe that's not related. Anyway, let's flash back to the deep, dark and distant past, when the upfronts were still going on, and heat needed to be blasting through bedrooms as late-night temperatures dropped to somewhere between chilly and arctic. ... read more

NPR meets Aereo.

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So ... did you catch NPR's "Morning Edition" this week? Judging by the silence I hear after posing that question, my guess is you didn't (silly blogs and their unresponsive nature!). Well, if you didn't happen to hear it, that's a shame, because the wonderful Steve Inskeep brought Rich Jaroslovsky on to talk about ... as though the headline didn't already give it away ... Aereo, the getting-buzzier-by-the-minute product aimed at revolutionizing Internet television. Yes. Maybe that whole "Aereo: ... read more