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No One Likes an Unhappy Blogger

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Beware, Nationals fans – I am in a bad mood.  I am usually a sunny disposition-type of person, but today I’m not, mainly because I got to work early for a meeting that ended up being canceled and no one told me.  But that’s neither here nor there – I was in a bad mood to begin with, since Max Scherzer was announced as the starting pitchers for the Washington Nationals on opening day this year. What’s the big deal – it’s only the first game out of 162 – why does it really matter ... read more

Who’s it Gonna Be?

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Hello, Nationals fans!  Spring is officially here, and Opening Day for Major League Baseball is just a few days away – are you just as excited as I am?  I have my tickets to go see five  Nationals games this season and a new Curly “W” jersey, so I am ready to go! The Washington Nationals have been having a very productive Spring Training, whittling down their roster (8 more guys left to cut) and working on their weaknesses from 2013 (like holding players on base so they don’t steal ... read more

It’s (almost) Time to Play Ball!

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Hey Nationals fans!  It may be hard to believe with the awful weather we’ve been having so far this year, but Spring Training is just around the corner!  Pitchers and catchers report this Thursday, with the rest of the squad starting next week (February 18).  I don’t know about you, but I am giddy with excitement!  Really, I'm giddy - I'm not kidding! So what went on with the Nationals during the off-season?  In case you missed it, Matt Williams was named as the Nationals’ new manager, ... read more