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60’s Spiderman Show Caption Memes

by Hannah Rudow. 0 Comments

Screencaps from episodes of the 1960’s Spiderman show (sometimes called Vintage Spiderman) became a typical caption meme. The meme isn't new at the time of this post, but several of these images (captioned or without caption) are still widely used as reaction images so it is important to know and understand this meme so that you will be fully Meme Literate. According to KnowYourMeme the captions are known for “typically featuring an absurd internal monologue that correspond with the actions ... read more

Feels Face Meme

by Hannah Rudow. 0 Comments

“Feel” and “Feels” are the shortening of “feelings” which seems to have originated on Tumblr in 2012. It describes intense feelings, commonly those of sadness. I really like the term “feels” but the meme face that has recently been attributed to it is so ugly. When actively trying to avoid something you dislike, sometimes you can overlook how popular it is really becoming. (I guess I’m getting old because I thought Silly Bands were cool but Rainbow Loom seems so stupid. Colorful ... read more