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Missing Ryan

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Hello, Nationals fans!  Doesn’t it feel good to be in first place?  Right now the Washington Nationals are 1 1/2 games atop the NL East, with the Atlanta Braves breathing down our backs.  But it has taken a lot of toil and trouble to get to the top – the Nationals have battled injuries, hitting slumps, and Bryce Harper tantrums, and through it all, they still manage to persevere. Many critics have stated that the NL East has the most “uninteresting” race in Major League Baseball. ... read more

How Much is Too Much Strasburg?

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If you follow the Washington Nationals like I do, you probably check the box scores in the newspaper or online, you're aware of the terrible start that relief pitcher Tyler Clippard has had, and you surely know about Ryan Zimmerman breaking his thumb and Wilson Ramos hurting his wrist.  So I'm not going to give you a summary of who has played well and who hasn't, who is on the Disabled List and who isn't, or how many different batting lineups Nationals' manager Matt Williams has used this season. ... read more

Who’s it Gonna Be?

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Hello, Nationals fans!  Spring is officially here, and Opening Day for Major League Baseball is just a few days away – are you just as excited as I am?  I have my tickets to go see five  Nationals games this season and a new Curly “W” jersey, so I am ready to go! The Washington Nationals have been having a very productive Spring Training, whittling down their roster (8 more guys left to cut) and working on their weaknesses from 2013 (like holding players on base so they don’t steal ... read more