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Behold The Top 10 Twitter TV rankings.

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Not to beat a dead bird over the head, but ... how 'bout we talk about Twitter again? OK? Good. I mean, it's not like anyone's reading anyway, right? Right. Behold Nielsen's brand-new, revolutionary, completely complex Top 10 Twitter TV ratings: 1. The Walking Dead 2. Glee 3. American Horror Story: Coven 4. Catfish: The TV Show 5. The X Factor 6. Scandal 7. The Voice 8. Jimmy Kimmel Live 9. The X Factor 10. Dancing With The Stars Now, behold the Nielsen television ratings for the ... read more

See It: Twitter as your TV’s newest remote control.

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All right. So, my Twitter feed has essentially devolved into one-line proclamations about "The Good Wife." I'm one season and six episodes into the series, and it is, without any question in my small mind, the best show on television today. The same thing happened when I discovered "In Treatment" via DVD. I watch an episode, feel the need to shout from mountaintops how genius I think the stuff is, and retreat back into my tiny world filled with podcasts and film fests. Why do I do it? Well, why ... read more