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No One Likes an Unhappy Blogger

by Marien Hornyak. 0 Comments

Beware, Nationals fans – I am in a bad mood.  I am usually a sunny disposition-type of person, but today I’m not, mainly because I got to work early for a meeting that ended up being canceled and no one told me.  But that’s neither here nor there – I was in a bad mood to begin with, since Max Scherzer was announced as the starting pitchers for the Washington Nationals on opening day this year. What’s the big deal – it’s only the first game out of 162 – why does it really matter ... read more

Everyone Take a Deep Breath, Please!

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After last year’s disappointing season, Washington Nationals fans are hungry for this year’s season to start.  All the players seem to be healthy, the new players acquired during the off-season promise to strengthen the team both offensively and on the mound, and pitching ace Stephen Strasburg has officially completed his rehab following Tommy John surgery in 2010 (finally!). Because of this excitement, both fans and reporters alike have a tizzy fit every time something out of the ordinary ... read more