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“Special Feeling” Meme

by Hannah Rudow. 0 Comments

Not long ago I spotted a link shared from one of the cosplay  Facebook pages that I follow. It was about a Japanese Meme, which roughly translates to “Special Feeling”. According to tumblr lore- “For people wondering what the hell this is, its a Japanese meme from a recent TV broadcast where a weather reporter was asking people on the street how the snow made them feel. The young couple was asked and the man blurted out “When you’re with your lover and it’s snowing, you are just ... read more

Futurama Memes

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Taking stills from TV shows and movies to give them funny captions is one of the most basic form of meme. In this post I will be showing a collection of memes derived from stills of the show Futurama.   The “Why not Zoiedberg?” is a meme which has a line directly from the show, a trend among these memes. It features character Zoiedberg offering himself as an option for… well almost anything. There are many examples of modifications to this meme, such as: computer wallpaper, Pokemon (using ... read more