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Offering Stellar Customer Service through Social Media

by Adrienne Erin. 0 Comments

The world of customer service has changed. It’s not the same ”Keep People on Hold for Numerous Hours” game that it used to be. Now, with social media becoming an ever-growing component of customer service, customers can reach producers through a number of new channels – at rapid speeds. If you can’t keep up, your company is going to face the consequences. In order to stay in the race, this is how you should be using social media to assist your customers: Keep a Social Media Presence Don’t ... read more

Tips for Boosting Your Brand Using Vine

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Vine is a relatively new platform for sharing short form videos. It was only launched in January of last year. However, because Twitter acquired it shortly before its official launch, Vine had that associated marketing muscle behind it. Some brands have really done well in figuring out how to harness Vine to make an impact with viewers. Keep reading to get some tips you might be able to apply to your own objectives, along with some helpful case studies. Be Aware of Seasonal Trends Target uses ... read more

3 Reasons to Incorporate GIFs Into Your Twitter Feed

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On June 18th, Twitter rolled out a feature that allowed users to share and view animated GIFS on, iPhone, and Android. Since then, numerous businesses have taken advantage of the feature to promote their brand, ranging from automotive companies like Fiat to fast food restaurants like Wendy’s. Similar to these examples, your business’ exposure can increase due to GIF implementation on its Twitter feed. Similarly, the new feature is a great way to showcase products, and express ... read more

Engaging with Millennials on Twitter

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As you probably know, Twitter is one of the biggest and most important social media giants on the Internet. With millions of active users in the country and around the world, Twitter offers plenty of opportunities to connect with potential customers and generate leads. In particular, millennials between ages 18 and 35 are one of the most active age groups on Twitter. Lucky for businesses, they are also one of the most frequently targeted age groups in marketing campaigns. By using Twitter ... read more

3 Steps to Promote Your Blog and Business through Social Media

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Does your business write an exciting blog, but not many people know about it? You know your business would take off if only there was a way to increase your number of readers. When people come across an interesting blog post, they’ll share it to get as many likes and retweets as possible. This works in your favor, and you can take advantage of it by tweaking a few things in your blog’s relationship with social media. 1. Bring your blog comments and Facebook comments together. Let’s ... read more

Twitter’s New Profile Design is Great for Your Business

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Twitter is rolling out a brand new design that will actually make profiles more reminiscent of those on Facebook. At first glance this may seem like a bad move, but it’s actually great for business and marketing. This is because the platform is making a jump towards visual content which is definitely a good thing. Sometimes text content is necessary, but a lot of social marketing strategies are more effective if you use images to get your point across. In fact, that’s exactly how platforms ... read more

Research, Follow and Measure: Making the Most of Social Media for Your Business

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It's fairly common knowledge that many people spend the majority of their online time on social media sites. Because of this, it makes sense that your business should take advantage of the opportunities that social media presents. Maybe you’ve taken the initiative to create a Facebook page or Twitter account, maybe Instagram is a regular part of your daily routine. Now ask yourself — are you making the most of your business’s social media presence? Follow the tips below to maximize ... read more

First Kiss: Just Another Ad Campaign

by Hannah Rudow. 0 Comments

In my last blog post I wrote about Ellen that selfie with all those other celebs at the Oscars and how it was a publicity stunt for Samsung and this post is, sadly, about another viral publicity stunt. For me it takes all the joy out of something to realize that it was a sham, just some deeply-embedded commercial. It has made me wary of new memes, especially viral videos, which will be related to today’s topic. I was browsing Facebook when I saw a video entitled “First Kiss” that promised ... read more

Viral for the sake of Product Placement: Ellen at the Oscars with the Selfie

by Hannah Rudow. 0 Comments

The title of this post reads like the murder answer in a game of Clue and as such I intend to explain how this marketing/PR trick was so successful for Samsung. I didn’t watch the Oscars, I never do, but I was surprised how many photos of celebs walking the carpet that I came across just by being logged into Facebook. The most notable was the selfie taken by Bradley Cooper at the urging of Ellen Degeneres which shows both of them surrounded by other Celebs like Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep and ... read more

So much media. So little time.

by Colin McGuire. 0 Comments

You just have to love these Nielsen studies, don't you? I mean, come on, now. Those guys can turn any tiny piece of data into a multitude of conclusions. "The top 10 television shows watched only by cats between 2:39 p.m. and 2:55 p.m. on Wednesdays that occur only during the summer months." Or "39 percent of all Armenians with a smartphone have watched 'The Big Bang Theory' a total of 3.9 times per day when the sun rises before 7:04 a.m." Or "Study: Those who enjoy eating pizza also love watching ... read more