Kerry spin-meisters working to move his image to right

by Virgil Soule. 0 Comments

During the Vietnam War, radical leftists characterized all Americans serving in Vietnam as war criminals simply by virtue of their being there whether they ever fired a weapon or not.

That idea became so pervasive that even moderate Americans were swayed by it. That is why U.S. servicemen were verbally abused, and even spat on, by average Americans when they appeared in uniform in public places.

John Kerry is a product of that generation. He placed himself in league with Jane Fonda and other such radical leftists. Throughout his tenure in the Congress, he has been allied with left-wing Democrats. Mr. Kerry's political and economic views are decidedly socialist.

Mr. Kerry's spin-meisters are working hard to move his image to the right. That will not change the basic John Kerry, however. A fundamental question for voters in November will be how far left they will want their president to be.



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