Afzali right on immigration issue

by Virgil Soule. 0 Comments

I'm with News-Post columnist Kathy Afzali. Our political and economic relationships with Mexico have major problems. The porous border is, of course, the most obvious, but it's the apparent attitude of both the U.S. and Mexican governments that is most disturbing. Both have a large stake in the status quo.

Neither is doing much to bring down the huge Mexican drug cartels operating freely across the border. Mexican criminal gangs operating in this country are directly related to the drug cartels.

The North American Free Trade Agreement allows unsafe trucks with incompetent drivers to enter this country with minimal inspection. The truck traffic is, of course, protecting American corporate bottom lines by bringing in cheap goods made in sweatshop factories by minimally paid workers.

We have no extradition treaty with Mexico. A criminal can commit murder in San Diego, cross the border to Tijuana, and essentially come under the protection of the Mexican government.

I can see why people want to come to this country legally or otherwise. They do so much better here. But by allowing this free human traffic across the U.S.-Mexican border, the Bush administration is making a mockery of immigration laws passed by the Congress.



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