Criticism of the military misplaced

by Virgil Soule. 0 Comments

The TJ students opposed to military recruiting are to be applauded for putting feet on their beliefs and taking their show on the road. I think, however, that their criticisms are misplaced.

The military is a tool -- one of a number that people in power use to extend and implement that power. Nobody in the military likes getting shot at but if called upon, they will obey orders and place themselves in danger to advance the government's purposes. They don't judge those purposes, they perform their assigned mission.

The next president could disband the military altogether. Her successor would rebuild it. A perfect example of this is the B-1 bomber. President Carter canceled the B-1 program. Ronald Reagan reinstated it with more money than before. Presidents rely on the military to support their positions in the international arena.

The TJ students' argument is with the tool user, namely, George W. Bush, aided and abetted by the United States Congress. The blame (or credit) for the military's use rests with them.

At our level, the military is one of many career fields. Military recruiters should be as free to make their presentations at TJ as any college or corporation recruiter would be.



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