Moving right along

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

I don’t think we’re in Frederick anymore, Toto.


I’ve moved! You know you’ve begun to really settle into a place when you miss the little things about it after you leave.


I admit, I’m not going to miss the loud, raucous barhoppers, whose decibel levels always seem to peak, coincidentally, at the moment I’m just finally drifting off to sleep.


What I will miss is people-watching from my window while I work at my desk, and being able to dash downstairs to join them in their Market Street meanderings.


Then, there are all the tantalizing fragrances of all the dinnertime food emanating from the restaurants I pass on my walk home from the train.


I think I’ll even miss the strangely sour-sweet malt smell of the brewery.


Of course, I’ll miss to convenience of being able to hop on one bus, or even walk to get anywhere I want to go.


But what I’ll miss the most are the people I’ve gotten to know in the short time I’ve been in the Downtown neighborhood—some neighbors, several shop owners, and other familiar folks I always seem to see at random.


I haven’t moved that far away, really – only a few minutes away by car in Walkersville. Discovery seems to be an appropriate name for the place. I get to meet all new people (neighbors that I actually see!), smell all new scents, and find all new places to haunt, even if they are only verdant fields and cow pastures.


So I suppose I am still fresh in Frederick – county, that is.



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