It”s not Scarborough Fair

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

I'm going to the Frederick Fair and I'm so excited! To tell the truth, I'm more excited about the prospect of funnel cakes and cotton candy -- but still!

Two years ago, I went to the New York State Fair on a journalism assignment. The grounds were huge and there was far too much to see in even the two days I went while on deadline. And I didn't get any cotton candy, although I did try a batter-dipped deep-fried dill pickle. (It doesn't taste as bad as it might sound.)

I'm hoping that here in Frederick, I'll get a chance to be a little more leisurely and check out the booths, displays and stalls. I'm especially looking forward to the painstakingly crafted quilts and getting an up close and personal look at prized farm animals.

Maybe I'll even take a ride on the ferris wheel (my first ever!). See you there!


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