Waiting for an ‘Immortal’ ‘Impact’

by Dan Rice. 0 Comments

For those, unlike myself, patiently waiting for Hulk Hogan’s official TNA Impact zone or PPV debut, it looks like we’ll be waiting just a little longer.

The next set of tapings have come and gone, and still no Hogan. He’s currently preoccupied with his Australia tour which will see the in-ring returns of both him and Ric Flair. And, yes, most of the longtime fans are all still wondering why.

While I will admit to being a big Flair fan over the years, I can’t say the same about Hogan.

His interviews paled in comparison to some of the industry’s other great talkers, and his matches were simple and rather pedantic. Not to mention the fact that now they’ve both passed their primes a decade ago. So, despite the fact that arguably the two biggest names in the business will meet face-to-face in ring in Australia this weekend, the only good I see coming out of it is that it’ll delay Hogan’s TNA debut.  Perhaps the best insider website on the web today, PWInsider.com, breaks down a few more details of the tour.

But, my true focus in on Hogan’s eventual TNA debut. As the only national competition to McMahon, I’ve always assumed it would be in their best interest to differentiate themselves from the competition. Instead, they’re taking a page out of WCW’s book and bringing in the ego-driven stars of the past. Sure, WCW got a very nice bump in the ratings when Hogan jumped ship, and they even had an extended period of great success, but where are they now? The high dollar demands and refusal to put over the stars of the future didn’t do anyone any good.

TNA’s got a great roster of young guys, mixed with some veterans who aren’t afraid to lose every now and again. And, if Hogan doesn’t realize that his ego needs to be checked at the door of the Impact Zone and he should only be used to help build the stars of the future instead of attending to his insatiable ego, then we could very well end up seeing AJ Styles vs. Chris Daniels vs. Samoa Joe on WWE 24/7 sometime in the next few years.


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