Ventura returns

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Before I get to my thoughts on last night’s show, there’s really one main thing that came out of the Survivor Series that should be pointed out: Kofi Kingston has gotten the attention of management, and they’re giving him a huge push.

Down 2-to-1 in a traditional elimination match, against two former world champs, the creative team gave Kofi the biggest night of his career with two quick falls over both C.M. Punk and Randy Orton. The reception Kofi got the next night on Raw was evident that a new star had been finally been made, something WWE has fallen way behind on over the past few years. But, the question was how they would follow such a run up the next night.

And, that brings us to Raw Thanksgiving, hosted by a guy who is no stranger to the ring, Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Maybe the creative writers are finally starting to get the hint. As Ventura said during his opening, we’ve seen the same handful of guys in main events for years. It’s gotten stale. Very stale. So, they presented a one-night tournament to determine Cena’s next challenger. The catch was that no participant has ever had a title reign before.

It didn’t exactly play out that way, as Orton made his way into it, ending up in the breakthrough battle royal to close out the show. I almost thought Kofi winning in the end would’ve worked, and, had Orton not been a part of it, a victory would’ve made perfect sense. But, instead, they ended up getting eliminated because of each other so that feud isn’t finished yet, which isn’t a bad thing. The two haven’t really had a one-on-one match yet, so I suspect we’ll finally get that in three weeks at the next pay-per-view, TLC.

As for the winner, relative newcomer, Sheamus ended up getting his biggest win to date. Built to be some kind of unstoppable monster — something not really uncommon in this business — he’ll see his first main event in a couple of weeks. I know this guy spent several months on ECW on Syfy before getting moved to Raw and I haven’t had a chance to see a whole lot of him yet, but management certainly seems to be high on him. I really don’t think he’s ready for the top spot in the company, but, again, at least his match with Cena will be something different.

There was one more quick side note regarding last night’s show. Ventura, as guest host, decreed that he and Vince McMahon would reprise their 80s roles as the announcers at ringside. It was actually a lot of fun listening to their banter, as those were the voices I grew up listening to when I first started watching this crazy business. They did seem a little lost at first, and definitely a little rusty, but they really picked up toward the end and gave a nice little nostaligic touch to the show.

And, for my money, as an old school fan, we don’t get nearly enough of those.


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