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Well this was a surprise!

Sega has been leaking information to the masses about their upcoming project: Project Needlemouse.

After the release of Sonic Adventure 2, Sega's beloved mascot fell into a downward spiral of poorly received Sonic titles. Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sonic Unleashed, while trying to imitate the success of Sonic Adventure and incorporating the 2D formula of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog series, ultimately failed.

Title after title, support and confidence for future Sonic titles had drastically waned. Sega was running their mascot into the ground with the same problems over and over and game after game: Terrible camera, clunky controls, boring platforming, senseless sidetracking and dull voices made Sonic the Hedgehog the last title most consumers would buy.

Finally, Sega listened to their fans and paid attention to their sales. Thus, Project Needlemouse was born. The silhouette of Project Needlemouse's logo resembled Sonic somewhat, but it not much was known about it when Sega announced their new project in September 2009. As time passed, Sega released a bit more information and even drawings of their current project. The badniks, small robots that imprison animals in the Sonic series, looked like their Sega Genesis counterparts. It was a hint of a retro revival but Sega kept their lips shut.

Well, Sega has officially announced that their revival of the Sonic series named: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. The game is a throwback to the traditional 2D Sonic games. The graphics are in 3D yet the gameplay is retained in its 2D format. Personally, I am excited for this. I have been playing Sonic games since 1991 and I am officially stoked after seeing the trailer.

On that note, check out this trailer!


Release Date: Summer 2010 Platforms: Wii, XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 Publisher: Sega Developer: Sonic Team

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