Snowy Gaming

by Tristan Belgrave. 0 Comments

Over the past week and a half, Frederick has been plagued by the snow. School closings and the roads been turned into ice rinks made it difficult for most people, including myself, to travel around the area. Since I couldn't make it to work, I caught up on a lot of gaming in this period of time. Stocking up on food and getting in my comfy clothes and relaxing on the couch just turned my cabin fever time into a gaming frenzy. :) Over the past couple of days, I have catching up on Mass Effect 2 for the XBOX 360. The game takes place right after the end of Mass Effect 1. I must say that with the much-needed improvements, better dialog and enhanced combat, Mass Effect 2 had me playing for a good majority of the snow storm; which includes my nearly 8-hour gaming session. A review is coming shortly so stay tuned! In addition, I finally finished my 1st playthrough of Demon's Souls for the PlayStation 3. It took me more than 58 hours and countless deaths to finally finish this brutally difficult title and it was well worth the time. I'm working on my 2nd playthrough and it's definitely harder than the first time around. If you are a fan of punishing real-time action-RPG's, pick this title up. Did I mention that finding a copy is scarce? I also found out that Mega Man 10 is finally getting a release date! It has a staggered release date just like its predecessor. On March 1st, the game will be available for the Wii via WiiWare. Then on March 11th, it will be available for the PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network. Finally, the XBOX 360 gets Mega Man 10 on March 31st via XBOX Live Arcade. No idea why Capcom wanted to split up the release dates... What were some of your snow gaming days like? I would love to hear from any of you gamers out there!

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