Mega Man 10 Quick Review

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I was very surprised to learn that Mega Man 10 was being released so soon a few months back. I was still trying to get far in Mega Man 9's Endless Mode; only to get as far as 235 screens. So I decided to brush up on my platforming skills before MM10's release earlier in the month and I needed more practice.

Mega Man 10's story is as follows: A new virus is going around called "Roboenza". Think of it as a flu for robots. Roll, Mega Man's sister, has the condition and Mega Man goes out to find a cure for it. Surprisingly, Proto Man, Mega's mysterious brother, offers to help. So the adventure begins!

Mega Man 10 is, well to me, harder than Mega Man 9. The stages are more varied and even more, the enemies aren't anything you faced before (except for the basic Metlar). They will keep you on your toes and will punish you when you aren't paying attention. That's the nature of the 8-bit style games: stay focused!

The Robot Masters seem harder this time around as well. I have had a really difficult time figuring out their attack patterns and I have only been able to knock out Sheep Man and Chill Man.

Music is very catchy this time around. It's very easy on the ears and occasionally, you may be humming some of the songs.

There are a total of 2 playable characters for now. The third will be introduced as downloadable content in the near future. Mega Man and Proto Man have advantages and disadvantages. Mega Man can't slide nor charge his Mega Buster in the previous installments, minus MM9. His brother however, can. Problem is, Proto Man takes double damage, gets knocked back twice as far when hit and can only fire two buster shots at a time. Yet, he can charge his Proto Buster. This will be a challenge for gamers due to the limitations he has. The challenges this time around have their own separate gameplay mode.

There are 88 challenges and the difficulty is from baby easy to going nuts hard. This will take some serious patience and time in order to complete every challenge.

Overall, Mega Man 10 is a welcome addition to your digital game catalog. With more DLC on the way, Mega Man 10 will keep you busy for quite some time. Oh did I mention that there is an Easy mode in the game for newcomers to the 8-bit genre? If MM10 is too hard for you, start with this mode. :)




Rating: 9.0/10


Classic formula with traditional gameplay never gets old. Lower difficulty option will welcome newcomers. Extra DLC on the way will keep the game fresh even after the game is completed.


Game feels a bit short.

Platforms: XBOX 360, Wii & PlayStation 3 Price: 800 MSP, 1000 Wii Points & $9.99 Release Dates: Wii - March 3, 2010; PS3 - March 11, 2010; XBOX 360 - March 31, 2010 Replay Value: Moderate to High

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