HBK walks the aisle for the last time

by Dan Rice. 0 Comments

Where does one begin when discussing the career of arguably the greatest performer to ever lace up the boots?

I’ll be the first one to admit that there have been plenty of times over the years when something would happen on a wrestling program that would instantly make me regret ever being a fan in the first place. There are skits or vignettes that have caused me to turn the channel and just hope that none of my friends would happen to see what was happening at the time because they all knew if anyone was watching, I was. And, yes, some of those moments even involved Shawn Michaels, especially during his early D-Generation X days.

But, for every dozen or so of those instances, there’s a match that I can point to and emphatically state that this is why we wrestling fans watch this crazy business. And, yes, Shawn Michaels has been in many of those matches. When people ask how can I sit and watch this mess? All I have to do is point back to the main event of Wrestlemania XXVI. Shawn Michaels left on the highest note possible, delivering yet another in a long line of match of the year candidates in the main event of the biggest night of the year.

The question, though, will inevitably be asked as to whether or not we’ve truly seen the last of the Heartbreak Kid. Retirements in this business never last, and, at 44-years-old and after the show he put on at Wrestlemania, I know many fans hope this retirement doesn’t last either.

During his farewell remarks this past Monday on Raw, he seemed sincere with wanting to spend more time with his family and actually stay away from the ring. Then again, Ric Flair seemed pretty sincere two years ago, too, and, yet, there he was a month ago wrestling Hulk Hogan on TNA Impact.

Michaels knows a return is a distinct possibility. He acknowledged as much Monday night, insisting he’s going to do his best to honor his word and really stay retired. And, if that’s the case, while I respect such a decision and am glad to see a star of his caliber retiring on his own terms instead of being forced into it due to a career-ending injury, the fan in me will always be hoping for just one more match.


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