Tidbits: DAR Constitution Hall and the Vampire Weekend Show.

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A few Saturdays ago I spent the day kicking around D.C. and on my list of things to do was the Vampire Weekend concert at D.C.’s DAR Constitution Hall .  Vampire Weekend is currently on tour supporting their new album Contra.  The Vampire Weekend fella’s are known mostly as a kooky outgoing Ivy League pop band, but their performance at DAR Constitution Hall ( 4/3/10 ) was rather so so.  After having so much success with their first album and releasing some fairly theatrical music videos, one would expect a live show to be as much stage show as music.  This was not the case in D.C., the back drop was a blown up copy of the Contra album cover, stage was lit with standard colored lighting, and there were a few chandeliers hanging above the three piece band.  The show started out pretty low key and the boys weren’t very animated on stage.  The show picked up a bit toward the end but the biggest highlights were the girl’s eyes on the album cover flashing red at one point and the chandeliers blinking blue sequentially.  All in all, the music sounded good, but the show was missing some much needed energy to put it in the excellent category.

I also, learned a few things about DAR Constitution Hall that night.  First of all, the venue is several blocks from the nearest metro stops ( Farragut North & West ).  I would recommend that ladies not sacrifice themselves for fashion and wear at least somewhat comfortable shoes.  As a venue DAR is pretty decent.  It’s actually perfect for those up and coming, soon to be mainstream bands because its size is in between a club and stadium.  DAR ’s seats a large audience but you still get that intimate feeling with the band.  Another tip about DAR is that closer isn’t necessarily better.  I had a ticket for the floor section (orchestra) mid way back and it was difficult to see the stage clearly.  The floor is flat and not angled like some, so even if you are a tall person like me, everyone is standing and bouncing around on the floor and your view is guaranteed to get obstructed at some point.  I ended up switching seats and I found the upper sections to be more comfortable because you could sit if you wanted and the view was just as clear as being upfront since DAR isn’t really that big.  My last tip is that the bar/ beer stand is pretty small so the lines get really long.  The lines were so long in fact that I didn’t even waste my time.  The bar also closes about half way through the show which makes it extra frustrating, so go get your spirits elsewhere.  All in all, I would see another band at this venue.

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