Now is the time to be outside.

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

Now is the time to be outside. Of course, the pollen count is ridiculous and the bugs are making their annoying presence known, but really, how can you resist? The skies are mostly clear, except for the occasional shower or thunderstorm rolling through. The weather, if not downright balmy, is the most comfortable it's been in weeks or will be compared to the summer. The grass is still tender, the tree leaves make shade but don't completely block some truly gorgeous views, and flowers still provide eye-dancing spots of color. What's more, your neighbors and fellow townies are out and about and what better time, what better way to get acquainted than meeting at a corner or walking along the sidewalk admiring the same things? Things like the revelation of new works by area artists that have been creating productively while confined inside during the dark, cold days of winter. Things like local musicians making their current year's debut on the streets. Things like the warm-weather wear displayed in the windows of the shops and on the bodies of those very folks you encounter. Come on y'all; get out and be neighborly. It's a heck of lot more fun than sitting inside writing blogs. I'd love to meet you. And maybe you can tell me about more of the things I, as a still-kind-of-new resident, should check out.

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