Celtic Women give traditional Irish music a new element

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Irish music has a long history in the evolution of American music, after all one of the most distinctive and recognizable voices of the past century has been Bing Crosby.

Having grown up in New York City where on March 17th everyone turns Irish I was very curious to go see the Celtic Women Concert and can say that I was not disappointed.

The Patriot Center at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., hosted these talented young women on the 17th of March and it was truly sublime.

An Irish musical ensemble, Celtic Woman has earned international recognition singing a range of traditional songs like the always-favorite Danny Boy which was the prelude to the magnificent repertoire that weaves the voices in a harmony of celestial delight. These young women give traditional Irish music a new element that blends the traditional Celtic tunes with modern songs.

The angelic meld of the harmonic voices of these young women creates a haunting echo that is sure to please all. Celtic Woman is an all-female musical ensemble created by the former musical director of the Irish show Riverdance. In fact, I would venture to call it the voice of Riverdance.

The vocal talents of Chloe, Lisa, Mav and Orla are accompanied by fiddler Miread Loughmore. The petite Mirad was highly energetic during the performance, flitting all over the stage like a graceful butterfly without missing a single note. The percussionists put on a powerful performance reminiscent of U2; and the choir, provided solid accompaniment for the vocalists.

The light show, staging and costumes were dazzling. The performers are all accomplished vocalists and musicians that continue to delight audiences in an uplifting and captivating concert.

Overall, I thought that Celtic Woman was wonderful and beautiful, but dont take my word listen and judge for yourself.

Go to this link on YouTube to check out the Celtic Women: youtube.com/watch?v=HsCp5LG_zNE

Carmen Ileana Roman writes a monthly column for fredericknewspost.com.

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