Bucket List: Current Music Selection

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With the change of weather usually comes a change in my music selection.  This list is less acoustic and more upbeat with some “on fire” licks to make you feel cool in the hot weather to come.


Surfer Blood – Astro Coast

New hot boys out of Florida who have become sensations almost over night with this debut release.  It’s perfect pure rock with a bit of grunge, punk riffs, power guitar chords, and a little bit of surf-rock.


Beach House - Teen Dream

Soft and Dreamy indie rock, perfect for lazy warm summer Sundays.  Beach House is another local out of Baltimore.


Future Islands – In The Fall

I picked this album up after the show at Café Nola in downtown.  The show was great and so is this album, but you may want to wait until May 4 when In Evening Air (Dig) is released because it’s a bit longer and contains the hit Tin Man as well.


Generationals - Con Law

I saw these guys for the first time live in D.C. last weekend and liked them enough to pick up Con Law at the show.  The Generationals insert pop elements from multi generations (hence the band name I guess) into their music to create charming and pop-ie rock.  They also had a flyer for Habitat for Humanity in the CD case to support their hometown, New Orleans which is an awesome touch.


The Death Set - Rad Warehouses to Bad Neighborhoods

Pure punk stationed right in Baltimore.  The Death Set are originally from Australia, but have called Baltimore home for the last couple of years.  This latest release is a good compilation because it contains their previous hits, some new stuff, and some remixes by other great artists.  Good luck getting it from Ninja Tune records though, the online ordering system is not U.S. friendly.


Say Anything - …Is a Real Boy

Perfect witty emo.  This was Say Anything’s debut album and my favorite of the bunch


The Gourds – Haymaker!

I don’t think there is a such thing as a bad Gourds album.  I am listening to the latest release Haymaker at the moment, but that’s just by chance really. Gogitchyergourds!


Mike Snow – Miike Snow

I always have to have at least one electronic pop album in the collection.  It’s my guilty pleasure as music connoisseur.  Mike Snow does a good job delivering some hot indie dance tracks in his latest.  Check out the Vampire Weekend remix and the PB&J remix on YouTube.

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