Bungie + Activision = AWESOME!!

by Tristan Belgrave. 0 Comments

It comes to no surprise that most gamers know Infinity Ward raked in a lot of money when it comes to the Modern Warfare franchise. Recently, the two CEO's of Infinity Ward quit their jobs due to unpaid royalties. While Activision pretty much lost Infinity Ward, they gained a new partner....






Yes, the same Bungie of the Halo franchise.


Both companies have formed a 10 year partnership to create games together and have publishing support of one another. This seems like an excellent deal. Both companies, at this point, are at the top of their game and it can only mean more money out of my wallet for their products in the future! Did I also mention that the companies are now going multi-platform? I doubt another Halo game will be on the PlayStation 3 but who knows?


Bungie + Activision = EPIC!







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