Super Street Fighter IV Review

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Street Fighter IV was released in February of last year and it was an instant hit. With over 3 million copies sold worldwide, Street Fighter IV had come to reclaim its throne for re-defining the fighting game standard.

Now, Capcom has greatly improved the already awesome Street Fighter IV in multiple ways.

The character roster has increased from 25 to 35 characters. So, who are the new guys? Well 2 of them are brand new to the Street Fighter series and the other 8 are returners from the series and/or other Capcom Intellectual Properties.

Juri - Brand New Character for Super Street Fighter IV. Her Tae Kwon Do skills will shock you. Seriously. Hakan - Brand New Character for Super Street Fighter IV. Yagli Gures (Turkish Oil Wrestling) is his fighting style. Unpredictable? Oh yes indeed. Cody - Returns from Final Fight and Street Fighter Alpha 3. He still dons the jail bird outfit and his moves haven't changed too much from Alpha 3. Guy - Returns from Final Fight and the Street Fighter Alpha series. The Bushin-Ryu Ninpo practitioner retains all of his Alpha moves and even has an air command grab. :) Makoto - Returning from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. The Rindo-kan Karate master still plays the same with various tweaks such as her Tsurugi (Air Axe Kick) doesn't knock down opponents as in 3rd Strike. Adon - Returns from the Street Fighter Alpha series. The Muay Thai fighter doesn't have that many flashy moves like the rest of the cast but his fundamental combos more than make up for it. Dudley - The British Boxer from the Street Fighter III series retains his 2nd Impact Thunder Bolt and most players argue that he is one of the best characters to use in Super Street Fighter IV due to his tweaks. Ibuki - The Street Fighter III ninja still has a lot of tricks up her sleeve. She plays just like her 3rd Strike counterpart. The Hashinsho returns as an ultra. Dee Jay - The Jamaican kickboxer returns from his Super Street Fighter II and Street Fighter Alpha 3 hiatus. He is very easy to play (if you like charge characters) and deadly if used by the right person. T. Hawk - The Mexican Typhoon is one character to watch out for. He is like Zangief..only quicker. Just don't get in his grab range and maybe you will stand a chance.

The returning characters from Street Fighter 4 have all been re-balanced and tweaked for Super. For example, Sagat doesn't output as much damage as he did previously and Ryu's Dragon Punch trade into Ultra doesn't happen that often.

Super Street Fighter IV has new features that will satisfy your fighting game appetite. The bonus stages from Street Fighter 2 (barrel busting and wrecking the car) have returned and they provided the much needed HD treatment it deserved. The time attack and survival modes are not in Super Street Fighter IV but the online modes make up for that. Originally, Street Fighter IV had player match, ranked match and championship mode with the option to upload replays if you were ranked within the top 5,000 players in the world. 

In Street Fighter IV, players had Battle Points (BP) for winning ranked matches, Grade Points (GP) for increasing player grade in Championship mode and Championship Points (CP) for winning a match in Championship mode. 

Now, Capcom has revamped the online system to provide players different options and modes of play with the following changes: 

Players now earn Battle Points and Player Points. Battle Points are earned when you win ranked matches and it is now character specific. Player Points are a measurement of your overall fighting strength. In other words, this is equivalent of Battle Points in Street Fighter IV. You earn Battle Rank (D, D+, C, etc) when you amass a certain amount of BP. Beating 3 ranked opponents with the same replay icon as you will allow you to upload your replay of the match to the world. You no longer have to be in the top 5,000 players in the world in order for anyone to see your replay. Endless Match lets you play with up to 8 people round robin, winner stays on style. Team Battles lets groups of players go at it in 2 on 2, 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 style. Replay Channel lets you view match replays from various players around the world. Tournament Mode, which will be available around June, will set up matches in a Tournament bracket style.

The challenge mode returns with the trials in order to get your character up to speed with the correct combos and timings of each. Not only this will help you get better at SSFIV, but it also sets up the foundation of your playing style by exposing you to each character's move set and possible combos. The car crusher and barrel busting mini games are also in the challenge mode once unlocked by playing through Arcade Mode.

Training mode is mainly unchanged in Super Street Fighter IV. This mode will help you practice combos and links before you go up against online opponents.

The visuals of SSFIV haven't changed much. If you currently have Street Fighter IV save data, you unlock original costume colors 11 and 12. One costume will have your character looking pencil shaded and the other will have your character take on a faded shadow appearance. 

All characters now have new intros and endings. I suppose Capcom kept the flow going to make everything new and they might as well have kept the arcade mode fresh. 

While playing in Arcade Mode, you can set your fight request to have anyone challenge you either through a ranked match, endless match or team battle. What's better is you can turn the fight request on or off at your leisure while playing Arcade mode and bringing up the pause screen. 

While I was playing online, I noticed that even though players had a full 5 bar connection, I couldn't join their match. Not sure why but I am sure that Capcom is addressing this issue. Make sure that when you play online, forward your ports to experience lag-free matches.


One of the biggest additions in Super Street Fighter IV is the addition of a second Ultra combo. As players receive damage, they build a meter called the Revenge gauge. Once it hits 50%, players can unleash it to turn the tide of the match. Maximum damage is dealt when the revenge gauge reaches 100%. Every character now has 2 Ultra combos that they can select at the beginning of the match (with the exception of Gen who has a total of 4 ultras from his Mantis and Crane stances).

I own both versions of Super Street Fighter IV and I have not noticed anything that differentiates one version from the other. The PS3 version has faster loading times than the 360 version but that's all. 

With all the bells and features offered, Super Street Fighter IV is an addition worthy in any fighting gamer's collection



A lot of characters to choose from, each with their own play styles and combos. Combat is very in-depth with the new Ultras to select from, along with an array with special moves and super combos. Gameplay has been re-balanced to ensure equilibrium amongst the cast. Online modes make the game shine, with better netcode and modes offered.


Failure to connect with a player with a full connection is frustrating. Lack of Time Attack and Survival modes.

Rating: 10/10



Release Date: April 27th, 2010 Platforms: PlayStation 3 & XBOX 360 Rating: Teen Number of Players: 1-8 players MSRP: $39.99 Learning Curve: Depends on each character and player experience

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