The Monday Night War ends…again

by Dan Rice. 0 Comments

Well, that certainly didn’t take long. Barely a couple of months into the head-to-head Monday night competition between TNA and WWE, TNA is moving back to Thursdays, effective immediately.

Billing it as “returning home,” Impact, which was already re-airing the Monday show in their original Thursday time slot, will drop the Monday edition and permanently (for now) go back to Thursday at 9 pm.

However, give credit to Spike TV for sticking with the organization to the point that Thursdays will now be TNA night on the network. Spike sent out a press release earlier this week touting TNA Thursdays, which will also include TNA ReACTION beginning on June 24th at 8.

Unfortunately, with struggling ratings, TNA’s move back is hardly a surprise. In fact, most weeks, the Thursday replay’s number rivaled that of the Monday airing. The organization has just yet to capture the attention of the fans, which is really too bad. There’s a tremendous amount of potential on that roster, and the shows should be great right now. But, as usual, another talented group of stars have been hurt by bad booking and poor creative decisions.

And, we can go down the list of problems: Hogan, even though he isn’t on the active roster, is still booked to be tougher than anyone else on the show; giving fans a chance to vote for a main event, and then delivering a short match with a clean finish; a feud over hall of fame rings from another company that continues to shift the focus to Hogan and Flair who shouldn’t be in the ring anymore; a women’s division that’s had title changes in some of the most convoluted matches and concepts in a long time; Orlando Jordan’s character; the unexplained kidnapping of Samoa Joe; and the Sting-Jeff Jarrett storyline that now seems to have shifted to a Sting-Hogan storyline, just to name a few.

Maybe now that they’re back on Thursdays, without the pressure of competition from WWE, the TNA creative team can get back to the basics and work on simple storylines and angles instead of hot-shotting everything in an attempt to beat Vince. For their sake, and for the fans’ sake, I hope so.


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