Rain, rain…

by Chris Morales. 0 Comments


Tick tock, Drip drop.

The broken lines, translucent spots…

Bulging masses are hanging low,

And Sunkist rays no longer show.

Rumble rumble, rip snap crack!

The hills in the distance echo back.

Bluebird rustles and settles in.

A crisp cold drop against my skin…

Another and another in swift repetition.

As Mother Earth begs; The Heavens answer her petition

Swish! Swoosh! The torrent of air,

Whistling and howling without a care.

An orchestra of sound, a spectacle to see,

Amazing and entrancing, unbelievably.

The Natural Mystic has performed a show

And now it is time for her to go.

A downpour a drenching, reduced to a drizzle

The confetti and fireworks begin to fizzle

Tick tock, drip drop

Drip…drop, drip…drop…



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