Giving it 110 percent

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If there is one major lesson that I have learned from going to school, it is that whatever you do, you need to do it well and have pride in your product. From school, to your job, to your personal life, doing your best work will always a good idea.

For kids, this theme can mostly be implemented at school and in your house.

For example, your homework which may only count as a completion grade, should have the same work ethic as a major project. Even though, homework is very small compared to a project, homework is just as important. Homework helps determine if you know what youre learning about; projects are the same thing just on a larger scale. So if you dont do your homework youre not preparing yourself for the bigger stuff. (Simple things matter!)

When it comes time to complete your project, the prerequisite will help you. But the previous work wont help you if you dont make it good; false information isnt good information.

Also, think about this: your teachers probably have many, many students. If you do nice, quality work, it wont take as much as their time to grade and they will enjoy looking at your product. But if youre lazy and dont put any effort into it, your teachers are going to be upset since they have to spend so much time on one thing and have to closely examine it. So, that is one example out of many how having POP, or pride of product, can benefit you and those around you at school.

And how is this shown around the house? In the form of chores, thats how.

For most kids, chores are boring so they rush around completing them but not completing them well. If they had to unload the dryer and fold the clothes, the clothing may be folded sloppily or there even may be clothes left in the dryer! If the task was dusting, there could be many spots that were untouched.

What happens when you dont do your chores right? You do them again. It causes enough pain to do them once, so why do them again? If you do them right the first time, you can save yourself the trouble.

Im only 13 years old, so I havent had a real job yet. But from listening to my parents, watching television and movies, I have come to understand that when your boss wants something, they want it perfect or you may face the consequences. And you dont want to face the consequences especially if it may mean you could be demoted, or worse: lose your job.

I have served as a babysitter before. If you leave and the child (or children) is/are unhappy, and the house is a mess, and the whole job was a fiasco, the parents wont be happy. But if the parents come home and the kid (or kids) is/are content, and the house is in one piece, much stress can be taken off their shoulders.

As mentioned before, going the extra mile and doing everything as best as you can not only help you, but those around you.

Anywhere you go, and anything you do should be quality work, from work to play. You never know how much one thing so big, or so small can help or hurt you. But in the end, they will all help you become successful.

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