Pedestrians are People Too!

by Chris Morales. 0 Comments

We recently got a child carrier for the bicycles so that we can leave the car in the driveway and experience more of Frederick on bicycles.  Well the experience has been good for the most part.  Our daughter seems to like riding in the carrier and it is really effortless to set up and get going.  

One thing really bothers me though.  Drivers around town seem to be both impatient and inattentive to the needs of people who are walkinig and riding bicycles.  Just the other day my wife was trying to cross the street near Ft. Detrick and was frightened by a motorist who was impatient to her crossing.  Not only that but the person almost caused another accident by swerving and breaking hard to get around my wife.  

I ride a motorcycle, and so I tend to pay attention to what drivers are doing in their cars while they are driving.  I have seen people talking on the phone, infamously texting mesages, eating...I even saw a lady reading a book while in traffic on 270 one morning!  Before I started riding motrocycles, bicycle riding and walking around town more, I was guilty of the same types of inattentave talking-on-the-phone-while-driving.  So my suggestion this week is to Get up, Get out and ride a bike or walk to your next destination around town.  Experience the roadways from the perspective of a pedestrian and maybe open up to a new way of thinking while driving.   

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