Communication Breakdown: Get Up, Get Out, or Get Involved

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Last week I was out of town again, this time in the great state of Colorado.  While this adventure was not the musically existential experience that Texas was, it certainly had music related highlight that I’ll talk about in a future post.  For now, I want to catch you all up on some local news and info!


First off, this Saturday (June 19th) is the newly organized annual Brunswick Music Fest !!  If you’re lacking for Father’s Day plans, I suggest getting out and taking the short ride with dad out to Brunswick for some fun in the sun.  The Brunswick Music Fest has an afternoon lineup consisting of 5 bands ranging from mountain music to R&B and the closer will be the ever so popular Kelly Bell Band from Baltimore.  The event will also have a beer garden and several food vendors, so neither mind nor body will want for sustenance.


Secondly, getting active in Frederick is easy thanks to Celebrate Frederick Inc and their volunteer program .  Did you ever wonder how events like In The Streets get organized or how they pick the entertainment?  Well, the Celebrate Frederick volunteers are your answer and you can be one too.  I can’t think of a better opportunity to meet other locals who care about Frederick and our home town art scene, so get up, volunteer, and make some new friends while having a say in local events.


Lastly, this is a reminder that sometimes you can get what you want just by asking politely.  Local venue organizers are not mind readers, how should they know what you want if you don’t tell them?  Being timid is over rated, voice your opinion through simple conversation at a local establishment or even though email or other social media means.  Many accessible bands travel within an hour or so of Frederick all the time.  For instance, my beloved Gourds will be traveling through Maryland in mid September between a show in Virginia and New Jersey.  As soon as I found out, I figured out how to contact the most appropriate venues that I know of, Café Nola and Cancun Cantina West .  I had to send an email to Cancun Cantina and Nola takes suggestions through their Face Book page .  (By the way, if you also like The Gourds please second my request to each of these establishments.  …Multiple requests never hurt.)  So, if you have a favorite band and know they will be traveling through, why not suggest to one (or several!) of the local venues to have them put on the entertainment schedule.  Maybe it will work, maybe it will not, but it’s worth a try and I’d love the opportunity to see some of your favorite bands locally also.


Ps.  Readers who have been following me for a while can tell that my schedule gets a little hectic at points and I don’t always get to post blog entries as often as I would like.  If you have an interest in writing a blog post or two for the Bucket Blog about bands or music that Frederick isn’t currently being exposed to please email me!

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