A green way to Google

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Our world is constantly evolving into a more eco-friendly place. Now it seems as if many new pieces of technology are made with the environment in mind.

We have hybrid cars, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and many household items are made of recycled items. Even homes, or entire neighborhoods are built around the green concept. We have grown green minds and try to imply this new way of thinking into all of our actions. We are well into the process of making our world a better place.

Lately I found that we are taking this whole green concept to a new extreme, that I had never dreamed of reaching: now we have an energy-saving Google search engine.

This new site is called Blackle and is known for its black background and its silver lettering. Created by Heap Media it was made to remind us all of the need to take small steps in our everyday life to save energy.

The science behind this energy saving would be that a black screen takes less energy to display than a white one. The idea had come from a blog in January 2007 called "Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-hours a Year." It proposed that Google would save a lot of energy because of its popularity if it switched to a predominantly black screen. (However, many people have been doubtful of how much energy it really could save and if it would be easily readable.)

One thing to remember would be that this site (Blackle) isnt Google; its just powered by Google Custom Search. Really, this means that youre getting the same results from a different site.

Speaking of a different site, we all know how popular Google is. When people have a question or need to look something up, they will most likely turn to Google. Using Google is one of those things that you become religious with ... its not like one day you will say Hmm ... how about I use ask.com today?

Its not likely that people will go out of their way just to use Blackle. Whenever I remember Blackle I will use it, but otherwise I stick with Google. (In the process of researching Blackle, I used Google!)

Although, one of my favorite Google features, is not with Blackle. And that feature would be the dropdown bar that shows related searches. This makes using Google so much easier and time-efficient. It seems as if we will have to pay the price to be environmentally friendly in our searching!

Still, there would be one thing about Blackle that I really like. On its homepage, right under the search bar, there is a count of how many watt-hours that have been saved by using Blackle. As of 11:39 a.m. June 21, Blackle has saved 1,921,935.727 watt-hours! That number is huge! And to think that just by using that site youre doing so much. That number is an inspiration to continue using Blackle whenever you can.

So, you make the choice: next time you have to look something up on the internet, will you use Blackle, or Google? Try Blackle out ... give it a chance and see how you like it!

Ariana Sadoughi writes a monthly column for fredericknewspost.com.

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