Tidbits: Hodge Podge From Colorado

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My recent trip to the Denver Colorado area did not have an intended musical focus, but as always I went with my ears open and in my spare time I found myself in the usual places.  My major highlight comes from one of the small ski towns west of Denver.  I was hanging out near Grand Lake and wound up at a quaint little place in Grandby called the Circle H where I caught a performance by the charming local duo, Ali & Brian Grayson.  The young couple was doing an acoustic folk set and the beautiful wood interior of the Circle H and panoramic window overlooking the lake created a blissful ambiance that evening.  Ali and Brian didn’t really need any help though in making their performance special; Ali has a very pleasingly addictive voice and Brian is a talented guitarist with nice vocals also.  The two performed some original tunes that night as well as some old gospel songs and even did a stellar acoustic version of Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer .  Ali and Brian play at several venues in and around the Denver area (often with a full band set) and they also have a newly released album available, so if you see them on a schedule somewhere I would recommend checking them out.


I happened across a few more musically related tidbits while on my trip, not much to write home about really, but I’ll mention them anyway.  While in Denver I was reminded of the ever growing Emo and related sub genre scene that is apparently pretty popular in Colorado and even here in Frederick.  I was introduced to two international emo genre bands, Kittie and Tokio Hotel by way of a teenage acquaintance.  Kittie is an all female Canadian Screamo rock band that has been around since the late 90’s actually and Tokio Hotel is a boy band pop emo group from Germany.  While I used to listen to some emo/ pop punk bands like New Found Glory back in the late 90’s, I’ve long since lost track of this trend and don’t have any real comments at the moment.  Lastly, I ventured out to a Texas style dance hall called the Grizzly Rose one night and caught the Jon Beaumont Band kicking up some tunes for the crowd of two step enthusiasts.  The Texas boys are “musicians for hire” and played a really long set of covers and original tunes that night, with breaks of course, but still commendable and over all enjoyable.

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